Thursday, June 07, 2007

Monday Again????

Today has been yet another Monday this week. I know I just posted yesterday and I don't usually post two days in a row, but I'm cranky and need to growl at the world a bit.
I am home for two weeks, two hole glorious weeks. This was supposed to be a break from the hectic schedule I'd been keeping on the road.
Whoever told me that lied.
This week at work it has been a conglomeration of 'hurry up and wait' and a million little forest fires that need attention. This morning I finally get numbers from my trip in two weeks and confirmation on what I'm teaching. OK, I have to modify one training manual to chop about half of it out and steal, errr... actually use, a manual from someone else on something that I'm only half familiar with. (One of those things I've been trying to get to for, oh, 4 years now.) I confirm with my printer about the new books and get the first one sent off no problem. I then open up the other manual and gasp in horror. Well, maybe not gasp, but groan silently to myself. The formatting is a horror. I go along fixing the font and other little details and suddenly notice that on a majority of the 120 slides there are anywhere from 1 to 7 'invisible' text boxes or line boxes. I have to fix this too. And it's lunch time by now. So, I go warm up my lunch and growl at the computer for the next hour or two as I fix all this crapola up. I get it to the printer and it goes on it's way.
Then I get a call from Gak.
There's a problem.
The air conditioner that was in the back bedroom fell out and hit a car.
How bad??
Yes, Yes, and I don't know.
Crap. We can't afford this. We're just keeping ahead of the bills as is. (Yes, there are several things we could do to make bill paying easier, but we all have a few vices...) What's worse is I never got renters insurance and I never bugged Gak into taking care of it either. So, whatever the end result is, it'll be out of our own pockets.
So, to make a long, unhappy story a bit shorter, Our landlady pulled the other two air conditioners from our apartment and the ones from the upstairs apartment. She was going on about the fact that you're supposed to screw them into the window frame when Gak was talking with her. I don't know about you, but I'm not about to put screw holes into my landlady's brand new aluminum windows. She's got something in the works and we'll eventually get our AC back. It's supposed to be hot tomorrow; I'm not looking forward to that.
The day only gets better, I assure you. I almost completely botch dinner. I all but killed the pasta dish thing I was microwaving and I heat up the grill for the pork chops without the grill plates. (They're still sitting in the sink.) I manage to make something edible, but just.

I'm also worrying about my Gram. Her appointment was today. Mom hasn't called me, so I'm hoping it's just because they were running around like crazy and not because of bad news. I really don't need any more Monday-ness today.
Well, I think I'm going to go log into the game and create me a lowly little newbie and smack the bits out of poor hapless little things. The only question is, what class? Do I want to get up-close and personal or zap them from a safe distance? Ah, who am I kidding, I'll probably just log my 25-ish monk in and pound things with her.

Peace to all and may your weeks not be filled with Mondays.


Chelsea said...

I am curious...why wouldn't the land lady be responsible for damage caused by the air conditioners in her windows?

Addey said...

Because they were taken out when the windows were replaced in February and we were the ones who put them back in. (With help from a friend who's been putting air conditioners in his own windows for 20+ years now with no issues...)
In Feb she didn't tell us not to put them back in or to call her to get them put back.... *sigh*