Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Wobbly Wednesday

OK, I just needed a title, so this worked.
This week has been interesting so far, I guess. Monday was a Monday, but I managed to get things done. I put out most of the little fires that had started while I was away and I didn't create too much of a mess. Yesterday was another Monday. One of those days where you feel like you're chasing yourself around in circles and not getting much done other than getting dizzy. Hopefully today will be better.
I'm writing this from home. Back in March when I went to the doctor she gave me paperwork to have blood work done. Guess what I haven't gotten around to yet. And she wanted a 14 hour fast, not a 12 hour fast, so that means I have to wait until about 10am to go. This is why I just haven't gotten there yet. I am going soon after I finish writing this and run through the shower. (I know, it would be safer just to stand there and let the water fall on me.) I'm really not worried about it, the last several times I've had blood work done it's all been fine. That's good, because with Dad's history of high cholesterol, I guess I should keep an eye on things.
Tomorrow my Gram has an appointment with the new doctor as a screening for the kidney procedure. I hope it all goes well and they can do it and soon. It would be a huge weight off of all our minds. There would still be risk of course, but it would be much, much less. I know that it will take a load off of Gram's mind too. Not to mention, she'd be in a lot less discomfort. She's had to have a stent in place off and on for over 6 months now and it is really hurting.
Well, I guess this turned into a medical update. I guess that's where my head is this morning. Tonight Gak is getting together with friends to play Warhammer, which is good. I'm glad he's got a 'guy thing' to go do and get out of the house. Tonight I'll probably spend on the computer and/or working on some craft stuff. I'm in the middle of a tank-top that I'd like to get done in the next week or so. I've also got some sewing stuff that I should get done as well. It'll be nice to have an evening to myself to craft and stuff.
Ok, I've got to go grab a shower before I head out. Hmm... does this mean I get to have an early lunch out today? No, probably not. I'd better take a granola bar or something with me though, I'll need it after fasting that long. Peace to all and may your lives not be filled with Mondays.

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