Monday, June 25, 2007

Weekend Adventures!

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Well, this was a busy weekend. It was quite full of friends and fun times. I'm tired.
This picture is of the project I couldn't mention last week. I was making a shawl for my mom. When she was over for Mother's Day last month and we were looking at dresses for me to wear to my friend's (non)Wedding and my cousin's wedding in August, she was ogling my wedding shawl. The shawl was made for me by a friend at work for my wedding and is fillet with a picture of a rose on it. It is quite lovely. I decided I needed to make one for mom. Last year for Christmas I made a wrap for my grandmother, so I figured Mom could use one too. A friend from the crochet board I belong to sent me this pattern. I followed it almost. I made it one row of hearts shorter and did a shell boarder instead of fringe. (I did this partially because I'm not a fan of fringe, the edges were curling in too much for my liking and I wasn't sure I had enough yarn left to make good looking fringe...) Mom loves it! I gave it to her yesterday.

Now for the rest of the busy weekend. Michelle came up Friday evening. We had a pretty laid-back evening. The three of us went out to dinner and then hung out at the house. We watched Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Michelle clipped the blanket she made for our friend Isis who is having a baby soon and I worked on the shawl for mom.

Saturday was a good day overall. Michelle and I did my normal Saturday routine and then went shopping. I bought more yarn. (Hey, it was on Clarence for less than $2 a skein and there was just enough to make a Project Linus blanket out of.) Michelle bought some denim to make a blanket for me and Gak. I'm helping her by cutting apart some old jeans that we have and we found some neat denim to use as accent squares. We just need to figure out a flannel or other woven material to use for the flip side. Saturday evening Scott and Kat came over for dinner and Killer Bunnies. We had a very fun time. About halfway through the game Joanie showed up and then about a half hour later Alan came over too. We had a lot of fun. Kat and Scott went home around 10:00 and then we moved to the living room. I finished up the shawl while we (almost) all watched Monty Python's Search for the Holy Grail. This was the first time that Joan has seen it. She said she was too sober to understand it. She's probably right, but I still find it funny anyhow and it was a lot of fun to watch Joan watch it.

Yesterday was a very beautiful day and the main reason Michelle came up this weekend. The PA Ren Faire was holding their annual Celtic Fling weekend. It is always a lot of fun. We had the best weather we could have had. The Faire was full of happy people and there was a lot of great music to listen too. Mom met Kat and Zoe, Scott, Michelle, Joan, Ant and Mel and Gak and I there. You should have seen the look on Mom's face when I gave her this package wrapped up in red tissue and tied with a white yarn. It was even more priceless when she opened it up and tried it on. You'd have thought I'd given her the moon or something. I'm so very glad she enjoyed it.

Most of the day was quite good and a lot of fun. It wasn't so fun when we get there and as we're getting ready to head up to meet mom, realize that Kat locked Scott's keys in the truck. (Thank goodness for AAA!) Also, poor Ant landed on the ankle Scott recently broke. That wasn't a good scene at all, but I think it worked out in the end. There were certain times Ant just couldn't win yesterday. That and Zoe is becoming a real stinker at times. Especially meal times. She's gone through periods of eating very little, but a few days latter she'll eat everything in site. Some days it's been hard to get her to finish her meal, but yesterday... ugh! There's often wining, but now she's outright crying, and I don't mean fake tears either. She's definitely having problems lately. I hope we can find some answers soon or Kat's going to loose all her hair and Zoe will be one miserable little girl, especially once first grade starts. (Yes, I know she just finished Kindergarten a few weeks ago and there's the whole summer in front of us, but it approaches faster than I like to think about...)

Tomorrow I fly out to California. I'll be just south of LA. This means that Wednesday I get to have dinner with my brother, aunt and uncle. It should be fun. The place we're going to is in Pasadena and is called Thaitalian. If you couldn't guess, it's a Thai/Italian fusion kind of place. My brother says it's very good. I'll let you know. Hopefully the training this week will go as smoothly as last week.

I've decided not to take the first half of next week as vacation days. I'll be staying home instead of going down to MD while Gram has her surgery. She can only have one person in the room with her at a time, so any more than that will be in the way. Mom thought long and hard about if she wanted me there or not, but decided to just call with info like the last few procedures. I can always take the last part of the week off or whatever as needed, since I don't have any travel scheduled then. The next week I'm going back to California, but that's OK.

Well, I guess I'd better finish making sure I've got everything together for this trip. Peace to all and hopefully you'll all have wonderful weekend adventures!

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