Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Jacksonville Jaunt

Well, I've been pretty lazy about updating this week. I could have on Monday, should have yesterday, and finally am doing it today.
The trip down here Monday was fairly uneventful even if both flights were full. I'm staying close to the airport, so there wasn't even a major drive to deal with. (The plant is about 15 minutes from here, but there's more "stuff" here than over by the plant.) I did have an issue getting to the hotel, thanks to me not always dealing well or expecting frontage roads. They honestly don't exist much, if at all, at home. They always throw me for a loop when I have to deal with them. (But I can handle a traffic circle or make a left by going right with little issue... Thank you New Jersey!)
Monday afternoon I tried to go to the gym, but my directions weren't quite right and I just couldn't find the road I was looking for. (It's like at this edge of town if you step foot off of 95, you fall off the planet and there's nothing, except maybe a gator, but I haven't seen any yet.) I did however manage to find a yarn store. I found some yarn I'm going to use for my cousin Ben's baby that's due in September. Very bright and happy rainbow colors. I spent more then I wanted too, but this project is worth it and the yarn is washable! (A big plus when making anything for babies... or people like me who spill things...) I also picked up a skein of something luscious to make a scarf for myself this winter.
Yesterday was a very long day. I was at the plant for just under 12 hours. Oh, did I tell you, I have a 7am start time all week. This means I need to be there shortly before 7. Ugh. (Not sleeping well hasn't helped this out any....) I did a session on a topic I'm definitely not the expert on and then had a 3 hour (yes, 3 hour) break before a 1.5 hour session with some operators. I did get a little bit of excitement, I had to actually fix a problem. (I rebooted the computer and it started working again, go figure.) That and two of my field service guys are here this week installing some new stuff (hopefully). I hung out with them for a few while killing time before my next class. (Hey, the area they were in was nicely air conditioned and my classroom this week doesn't seem to be. The thermostat says 72, but it lies. It may be 72 in the hall, but it's at least 77 or 78 in the room.) The training went well and I was beat at the end of the day. I was super lazy and didn't even bother to turn on my computer, let alone check email or anything.
I spent the evening in front of the TV crocheting. Not gonna tell you what, because it's a surprise for someone who reads here from time to time. All I'll say is, I'm very happy with it and I'm sure they'll love it!
Today turned into a somewhat long day. I was figuring I'd be done by 3, but it ended up being more like 4:30. That's OK. I had another group of operators in the morning and then a class I'm much better at the rest of the day. I'm working with some really great and friendly guys. They've been asking some really good questions and really want to know what I'm telling them.
Tomorrow should be an OK day as well. I've got an all day (probably a 6 hour class or so) class and I'll probably only have 6 or 7 people I'm guessing. It'll be nice. Like I said, I'm working with some really cool people, so it makes the long days seem not quite so long.
I keep meaning to see if my two field guys want to do dinner, but I haven't. They're good guys, but not ones I've been overly friendly with over the years. I'm sure they wouldn't mind me tagging along for dinner, but some times it is nice to have time to myself at the end of the day. As much as I don't like it some nights, there are others where it is nice to go out by myself. I don't have to talk to anyone other than the server and I don't have to be polite or nice to company. (I'm always nice to the servers, they control my dinner... that and I tend to be a very polite person anyhow... I guess that's how I'm so happy without coffee...)
I have no idea what the point to the entry is. I'm just rambling a bit off the top of my head. I once heard someone describe someone talking like this as diarrhea of the mouth... although to me that would imply a lot more cursing and bad language. Not something I use much of usually.
Ok, I really am rambling now. I think I'm going to look at a few more pages and then camp out in front of the TV again.
Peace to all and may you have a good rest of the week!

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