Friday, June 22, 2007

Florida Wrapup

I really had a good week this week in Florida. Even though it rained most of every day that I was down there. I was working with a site that I've always, well, almost always, enjoyed working with. I say almost always because the first several months I worked with them, many years ago now, they had someone else in charge that hated our system, well, windows computers in general, and was just a royal pain in general. The guy who took over after him is very easy to work with and friendly. The whole group there is for the most part.
I ended up leaving yesterday afternoon instead of this afternoon. (I'd be waiting for my next flight if I'd left today...) Yesterday morning turned more into a Q&A session as opposed to a formal training. The topic was one that the guys I was working with had been doing for years, but needed a bit of a refresher for some things and shown some of the new stuff as well. I think it went really well. I know I enjoyed myself.
My flight home yesterday was mostly uneventful. There were a few minor delays, but nothing too exciting. The biggest excitement was when I got to my airport. I hadn't seen that many planes moving around at the same time, almost ever. They were all 'big' planes, not regional jets. The place was so full that they actually used both, yes both, luggage returns. It was packed. This meant it took a bit longer to get home, but I was very glad to be home.
I went in to the office quite a bit late today, but that's ok. I did today's "work" yesterday by flying home. I had a few things I needed to get done around the office (including finishing my visa paperwork for China). I wasn't overly productive, but I did manage to get stuff done. I still have a few things that need my attention on Monday, but they can wait.
This evening Michelle is on her way up to visit. We've got a pretty good weekend planned. I'm not really sure what's going on tonight or tomorrow, but Sunday we're planning on going out to the Ren Faire grounds for their Celtic Fling weekend. Good times to be had by all. Mom, Kat, Zoe, Scott and who knows who else will probably be joining us. It will be fun.
I just thought I'd drop in and give a quick little update on my world.
Peace to all and may you have a good weekend ahead of you!

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