Monday, June 11, 2007

Almost Grumpy Weekend

Sorry to leave anyone hanging about the AC situation. I was generally out of sorts a bit this weekend and writing just wasn't going to happen.
Friday night Gak, Kat, Zoe, Scott and I went to Zerns, a local 'farmer's market'. It's part farmers market, part flea market, overall fun. We browsed for a bit and had some food and it was a good evening. Hot, but a good evening. I ended up sleeping (or trying to sleep) in the back bedroom because it was so warm. Gak has a fan that blows right on him in the bedroom, but I don't get any of it because he's in the way.
We were told that on Saturday our landlady and her husband would be over between 9 and noon to put the 2 remaining AC units back in. So, this means I get to stay home and try and be nice and not get my normal Saturday stuff done.
I get a call at about 10 asking if they could come up. (I was thinking you told us between 9 and noon, so duh, of course.) I said sure. The landlady's husband spent about an hour and a half fiddling with the AC units. The only way they will ever leave the windows is if someone undoes about 3 screws in each one and removes at least 2 pieces of board holding the window down and 2 pieces under the units themselves. So much for the thought of removing them for the winter, but I'll burn... er cross... that bridge in October or November. I like my landlady's husband, he's nice and friendly. Sometimes the landlady isn't.
I was supposed to do my Saturday errands (groceries and laundry) that afternoon, but I just didn't feel like dealing with the Laundromat on a very warm, and probably crowded afternoon. We had enough food in the house to last another day or two anyhow.
Gak had told me on Friday that I was going orienteering on Sunday and he hadn't planned any thing. I really, truly appreciate the thought, but it just didn't happen. I was tired, out of sorts and the events this week weren't where I really wanted to go. Well, I wouldn't have minded Hibernia, but it was feeling like a bit of a haul. That and yesterday wasn't exactly a nice day. I did my Saturday errands instead, after taking Gak out to breakfast at the dinner.
I was having a bad allergy day, so I took a benadryl and was knocked out most of the day. I really do feel bad that I haven't gone orienteering in months. I do enjoy it and I miss it. I really need to go. Maybe I'll make it this weekend, but I'd better check to see if there's an event. It is also Father's day.
Ok. I really didn't mean to ramble on this long. We still have no idea what we're responsible for with the damages to the car. Gak talked to the lady Thursday evening, but we haven't heard back from her. If we don't hear from her today, he's going to call her. We don't need this hanging over our heads any longer than it has to.
Here's hoping this is a much better and more peaceful week. Peace to all.

P.S. I also realize I didn't update you about Gram. Good news is that Mom and Gram love the new doctor and she's been aproved for the procedure and has it scheduled for July 3rd. Bad news is that she's got a laundry list of tests to get done before then and her surgery is more complicated than about 90% of them that have been done because of everything that needs doing.

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