Monday, October 02, 2006


What is it about Monday's that are so hard?

Today has been a very Monday Monday. Not in the sense of "if it can go wrong it will" but in more of a "can't get off my butt and get anything done" kind of way.

I feel kinda like the frog on this bench from the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Just sort of set and content to watch the world go by, not really up to doing much. Maybe it's this hacking cough I still have. Maybe it's the fact I'm feeling a little burnt out from the running around these last few weeks. Maybe It's just a Monday. Who knows?!

I have gotten a few things done. I have an almost final head-count for my November training sessions. I've confirmed a few other things, but none of this has really required much effort on my part. I ran out for lunch (read: I was too tired and lazy and not feeling good this morning to make a healthy lunch...) and get a voice mail from my boss.

It's about training next week. Something that I thought I'd passed off to a field guy because it was supposed to be PLC and more CEMS oriented. *Sigh* Technically I'm here. But I'm still waiting to hear from a site about next week as well. I guess I should go see what he needs. I was looking forward to another week at home, preferably a healthy week. Oh well... at least the site is somewhere pretty.

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