Friday, September 29, 2006


I truly hope this isn't a sign of what's to come this winter. I just got over that chest cold I had a few weeks ago and yesterday I wake up to a clogged head.
It's not allergies, the benedryl didn't help.
The DayQuil I took this morning isn't doing much either. The NyQuil I took last night knocked me out, but not much else. I guess I'm going to have to see about getting something stronger for this. It's probably a sinus infection. Joy.
Ok. I know you didn't tune into this page to listen to me rant about not breathing.
This week has been both very long and very short. Today feels like it should be a Tuesday, not Friday. Mind you, I'm very glad that it is indeed a Friday. But with that trip Monday and Tuesday, it feels like it should be next week, not this week. Oh well.
This weekend sould be good. I don't have anything planned for tomorrow. (I'm blowing off the gym, which I shouldn't do, because I can't breathe...) Sunday we've got friends coming over to continue our Werewolf game. That should be fun and hopefully I'll be breathing by then.
Well, I'm off to try and get in touch with a painful customer. Two months ago they asked about next week. I said let me know how many courses you want and when and I'll get a quote out. I finally get an almost answer yesterday afternoon on my voicemail. Nope, sorry. We normally have a 'must have PO 2 weeks in advance' rule with training. Try calling back, voicemail. Sent an email.... we'll see how it goes. At least my boss is backing me up on this one...
Peace (and no sniffles) to all!


Chelsea said...

I love your new template! That flower is so pretty. :)

Addey said...

Thanks! I took that photo of the flower this March at the Atlanta Botanical Garden. It was a nice afternoon off from teaching. I love the fact that blogger now lets you 'customize' their existing templates. So much easier than trying to figure out one yourself.