Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Well... at least the drive was pretty...

I spent about 20 hours in the car to do about 5 or 6 hours worth of 'work' Monday and Tuesday.
Yep, 20 hours.
In a car.
In western New York.
At least the drive was pretty. I don't have any pics as I was driving and trying to use the camera phone and drive at the same time is not something that is advised. The trees in northern PA are turning nice colors. For some reason, a lot of the trees in New York are behind. We're getting some reds in PA, but NY trees are still all green and yellow. Oh well. I think I saw more of NY in 2 days than I've seen in my past 3 trips up there. As I said, nice but a looooong drive. The trip really wasn't that bad. I would have even enjoyed it if Gak was with me and it was a weekend long trip just the two of us. I got to see 2 of the Great Lakes, several rivers, creeks and lakes and lots of mountains and trees.
Peace to all and hopefully not much driving for me!

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