Saturday, September 16, 2006


Subtitle: Pardon me while I go girly-girl crafter on you...
I'm sooo proud of myself today! Well, kinda. I blew off going to the gym and doing the laundry. But I did finish up my two projects before I logged in to the computer! The blankie across the back of the couch is for a friend's baby who isn't here quite yet. It's a neat waffelweave texture. I used a larger yarn than the pattern called for and it is a very warm and cozy snuggly. The big bear is for my nephew's first birthday, which is a week from Tuesday. The only thing he actualy needs now is a bandana coller, but I didn't have any I liked here. The little bear is Scout. She belongs (?) to Gak. She came home with me two years ago now for his birthday. Last week I made her the blue and purple poncho she's wearing. She likes it. I think I made it a little too long. It's pretty though. I didn't use a pattern as such. I'd found several online and they were all just different stitches to make two rectangles and join. I found a stitch pattern I liked from one of my books, figured out a color pattern as I went along and just saw where it took me. Overall, I'm happy with it. She really is a cute little bear and the poncho is definately unique. You should see the looks I get carrying her or her 'brother' Sam through the airport. I had one guy ask me if I had a ticket for Sam and I replied that no, he quallified as an infant in arms.
Well, I'm off to reward myself with some game time. Have fun, keep doing what you love and peace to all!

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