Friday, September 22, 2006

Scheduling Nightmares!

The training this week went well. Or at least that's what the customers told me (although I haven't read the course evils yet...).
What the real struggle this week is with 3 problem children and scheduling.
One is the site that continues to blow me off, so therefore, no training for them in 2 weeks.
One site was the final site in New York. The one that got flooded back in June. That was a several email adventure. I'm not thrilled with the scheduling, but at least it's almost local and will get them done. That week I go up to Canada overnight Monday and fly home Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon I drive up to New York, train Thursday and Friday and drive home Friday evening. UGH! Oh well, at least I don't have to change time zones this time.
The final one involves a customer to our south. As in Mexico. The biggest problem is the fact that I'm going through about 3 corporate people instead of dealing with the customer directly. This always creates problems. I thought we'd settled everything, but no. Now I get an email today saying that the Thursday and Friday won't work, how about the next Monday and Tuesday? Mind you, this is in 2 weeks. We also don't know if I'll be doing it or if our field guy who's done this before in Mexico will be available. Oh, yeah, it's for 70 people over 2 days. Major AARGH!!!!
At least this afternoon is the company picnic. I can relax and let my brain leak out my ears. Yes, it's the end of September and we're having our picnic. It's not as warm as I'd hoped, but it'll be nice all the same.
Peace to al and enjoy the start of Fall!

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