Friday, September 01, 2006

What part of "I'm booked" don't you understand??

Subtitle: Why do people wait until the last minute?

Ok. As everyone knows I travel for business. A lot. July and August are actually some of my slower months. Mostly this is because the people setting up the training have people they want in the training on vacation. I understand. I'd rather be on vacation too. Then summer ends and everyone and their brother finally decides they want training.
I suddenly have 6 people wanting training "As soon as possible!". (Read: I want you there tomorrow but didn't call until today...). I give them each a list of dates with the warning that I have several other people looking at these dates. The result is whoever responded fastest is happy and then I have the slowpokes who think 'tennative' means 'positive'. Nope, not positive until I get cash in hand or a decision on course and number for startup projects.
Then you get people in the business promising sites X+5 when their turnover packages only say X. I schedule for X and then they tell you someone promised them X+5. AARGH!!!

So, to make this drivel a little shorter, I'll be on the road most of the next 3 weeks if not 6 and November is booked solid. That's OK though, because I'll be driving to a local headquarters about the same distance as to the office.

Next week I'll be in update New York again, which will be nice. Then it is another semi-local trip followed by a week of hosting people here.

I hope you've had a good week. Mine's been almost productive. I just really wish it would stop raining, it's been just about a week now... I'm thinking of building an ark...
Peace to all and have a good Labor Day weekend!

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