Monday, October 09, 2006


Well, I'm safe and sound in Mexico. It turns out I'm actually in Mexico City. We're in one of the nice downtown areas somewhat near the Presidential area (and in a very nice, major name brand hotel).
My flights last night went well. There was a minor delay in Houston, but nothing major. There was someone waiting for me, from my company, at the airport. Getting through customs was a breeze! I wasn't sure of the hotel we were staying in and my cell doesn't work down here (don't have a plan that covers Mexico...) so I couldn't call Juan before going through customs. I put down the site address for where I was going. I'm not even sure the lady looked at it, other than to make sure that there was something filled in!
Last night getting to the hotel was OK. There wasn't much traffic on the roads at 11:30pm so it was quick. This morning however, was a different story. I now know why I will never drive here. I thought Philly or NYC traffic could be bad. Nope, here it is much worse. The streets are older, or at least seem more like European city streets that are narrow. They are jammed with cars and turn signals and stop signs seem optional. If you drive here you need fast reflexes, a small car and great breaks! I'll let other people drive, thanks.
The training is taking place at the LyF training facility. It is an old school on the edge of the city that has been turned into a training center. It is very pretty. You don't realize exactly how many people are just around the corner while you were there. I should say that's where it will take place. Tomorrow.
Yep. Tomorrow.
The company made a mistake and didn't send the right people in today. It looks like there aren't going to be 70, but more like 20 people. That will be a much easier number to work with. So, Juan and I sat around the training room we're to use from about 8:00 until about 10:30 or 11:00 when everything got sorted out as to why there weren't any people in our room. And yes, I will still be coming home Wednesday.
We took a cab back (no, this is not recommended, but Juan lived in this city for about 4 years and knows which cabs to take and which to avoid like the plague) to the hotel. We then had a 'brunch' since it was right when the hotel restaurant was changing from breakfast to lunch. I essentially had breakfast nachos. Tortilla chips with salsa verde, chicken, creme and queso blanco. It was very good.
I have the afternoon free, or what's left of it at any rate. I came back upstairs to my room around 1:00 and took a nap. It's now 3:00 and I've got email to check before I can go anywhere. Unfortunately, the zoo (which is nearby) and several of the other museums I wouldn't mind going to, are closed on Mondays. *Sigh*
Well, peace to all and be safe.

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