Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mexico Part II

Well, today was at least a bit more productive.
I did get to teach today.
To seven, yes seven, students.
Originally we were supposed to have 70 over the course of two days.
Yes, seventy.
What happened to the other 63 people who were supposed to attend, yo no se.
I do know that the training went smoothly and that my fellow coworker who was my translator helped keep it that way. There weren't a lot of questions. I'm still not sure if they really understand what the software is supposed to do or why they have it. I also know that none of the units are installed yet. This means that there are 7 people for fourteen new sites that might have a clue of something that will be going in over the next few months. Can we say disaster brewing? I know what the results in the states would be, fines, angry customers and me back out to do more training. Here, I'm not so sure. Environmental protection is still a somewhat new concept, at least on an industrial level. And the power industry here is a big monopoly. I get the sinking feeling that what's going to happen is nothing. No one will be checking the software, or the hardware. No one will be doing reports. I don't mean to be superior or whatever because there are plenty of places in the States where the same thing happens all the time. Eventually they are held accountable though.
I guess I feel like nothing's going to happen here because of what it looks like down here. Where the hotel is it is a nice area. It's not much different or dirtier than most cities I've been to. Just a lot more congested and chaotic. (I thought NYC or LA traffic was crazy... boy was I wrong!) Where the training center is it is not so nice. You can tell it is in a much poorer part of the city. It looks and feels much dirtier, poorer and congested. The training center itself is very old and while pretty, seems to have an air of decrepitude (is that an actual word??) about it.
Another reason is a conversation we were having at break. Or, more precisely my coworker was having at break. He said that the guy he was talking to said their limit was 25ppm of NOx and that the turbines that are going in will never get that high unless there's a major problem. This seems to imply "why should I bother when I know I'll never hit it".
I hope I'm wrong.
I did go over to the company office for a bit this afternoon to drop off some things and so my coworker could have a meeting. I finally got to meet two of the other people I've been dealing with for this trip. That was a bonus.
I have to leave the hotel by 11 to get to the airport by noon for my 2pm flight. I have no idea what I'm doing in the morning, other than getting some sleep.
Tonight my schedule includes surfing the web, reading a bit and just taking it easy.
Peace to all and safe travels.

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