Sunday, October 22, 2006

Adventuring Again

I meant to post yesterday. Yesterday was felt like a lost day, but in reality, I got quite a few things done.
Friday night I took Meera out for a spin again. She's now level 29. Gak and I went adventuring. Actually, we joined the same two of our 'Fallen Knighthood' friends with their level 33-ish alts. Everyone mentored down to my level and we kicked butts and took names.
We were killing things in Nek for a while. We then decided to go to this dungeon zone off the Commonlands, Fallen Gate. We were quite disappointed at first, even though everything was heroic, it was all very green.
We weren't disappointed for long. We found several named enemies and I think we scored a total of about 4 master chests and some other very nice drops as well.
To make the night even better was the fact that as everyone else was logging, Thorny Butt logged in. He brought is 30-ish Necro on and we went and killed in Nek for a while. It was great to catch up with him. He, Niz and I used to be inseparable. Neither of us have seen Niz in a few months, which is slightly worrying. Although, knowing him, he fried his computer again. I always enjoy hunting with Thorny Butt (Ok, so he doesn't' have Thorncastle anymore, but the nickname stuck...). We end up having good conversation and good hunting. We both missed it. Hopefully we'll both have time online together soon. He's been doing a lot of work and been spending time guiding on a different server. He's enjoying it much to his surprise. Almost as much as I enjoy raiding to my surprise.

Yesterday was pretty good. I started on my grandmother's Christmas present. It's looking really pretty. I'm sure she'll love it. I got all my normal Saturday things done as well.
My parent's framed a large print for Gak and I, that I had ordered, to hang over the sofa (they own a framing gallery), but couldn't fit it in the trunk of their car to bring it to us. That's OK, it gave us an excuse to go have good, or at least better, Chinese food. The places around here are more like 'fast food Chinese' than real sit-down Chinese. So after Gak got done work yesterday we drove down to the mall near us and then wandered over to their shop. The picture turned out great! It's a very large Monet of water lillies. The colors are great for the living room. Now the challenge will be to hang it. Oh well, I'm just going to tell Gak where to put it and then not watch. (I tend to try and 'fix' things he's doing while he's in the middle of it... much easier if I just go away...)

This afternoon we've got our friends coming over to continue the Werewolf game. I'll let ya know how it goes.
Peace to all, I'm off to steal a little computer time. Enjoy the great fall weather!

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