Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Change of Plans!

I like days like today.

There was a sudden change of plans today.

But this time it works out well.

2:10 pm my cell phone rings. I check the number and Don't recognize it. Hmm... probably something to do with work.

Yep, it is. Hi, this is Andrew in New York, I don't think we'll be able to get anyone together for the training tomorrow. Wow! Ok. No problem, we manage to squeeze them back into the schedule the week after Thanksgiving, since I'm supposed to be in Albany earlier that week anyhow.

Talk about good timing. I was about 5 minutes away from walking out the door and heading up to New York.

I call my boss and let him know, cancel the hotel reservation and let the car people know I'm returning the car tomorrow, not Saturday. Quick check the email, take care of a few things and then I'm off.

And I promptly lock myself out of the apartment.

I decided that since I had time, I'd finally run over to Staples to pick up another network cable for my work laptop and see if I could figure out if my printer isn't working because I tried to use the wrong cartridges. I had the rental car keys, but not my house keys.


Thankfully Gak works right near the Staples. I went to Staples, stopped in to see Gak and his boss and then went to JoAnn's and the grocery store. Amazingly enough I only left JoAnn's with some buttons I needed for a project. There was some yarn I wanted, but couldn't convince myself to part with the cash since I wasn't sure what pattern I was going to use it for.

Yesterday went well in Canada. The hardest part I think was driving back over the bridge. I got to spend some nice quality time in the Detroit airport (early for a change instead of delayed). I managed to almost finish the wrap I was working on (I finished it up quick this morning) while waiting. I'm really happy with it and the trip.

I don't have any pictures from the trip since it was grey and drizzly all day. (That and the whole driving and using the cell camera thing....) Instead I give you a picture of my pet dragon Jorge. He's asleep in my inn room in the sunshine, just like a kitty. I think he's quite cute.

Well, peace to all and hug a loved one. They probably put up with more than you realize from day to day....

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