Monday, October 23, 2006

Where wolf?

Yesterday was about as chaotic as the rest of the weekend.
We were supposed to get together around 1 or 2 for the game.
Let's just say that instead of getting a nice long gaming session in, we got a late start and ended early to go to a movie.
We saw The Prestige. It was really quite good. I enjoyed seeing Hugh Jackman as someone other than Wolverene. I mean, there were a few moments when you could see Logan come to the surface, but it took me almsot 10 minutes into the film to figure out who was who. Christian Bale did a fabulous job as well. This movie had great acting, a solid story and wonderful cinematography. It was done all in very muted 'vintage' colors, which set the time frame wonderfully. If you only have 2 of the 3 qualities, the one that is lacking will pull the other two down.
The only real downer (other than paying an arm and a leg to see it) was our one friend over analyzing EVERYTHING! I mean, I'm almost used to him doing it in game. "Ok, make a decision in 5, 4, 3,...." but gah! I was sitting between him and Gak. He did fairly well throughout the movie, but when we were all walking out... grrr. It's a good thing I didn't see it after he did. He'd probably spoil it without trying. Oh well.

Today I leave for Alabama. I'll be there all week. I'll try and post something, maybe even a picture. I still think it's funny I'm going down there when that's where our Werewolf game is set at the moment.

Well, peace to all and have a good week if I don't get a chance to post later.

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Chelsea said...

We saw The Prestige yesterday, too. Loved it!

You should take some pics in Alabama to use in the game. We have a bunch of pictures from our trip to MN that Michael is going to use in his game.