Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Signs and Addictions

Yesterday, I would have posted, but the battery in my mouse died, I was tired and I just didn't feel like finding a new battery.

Anyhow, yesterday's prompt was "sign".  Since I was at work all day and it was too hot to go out for a walk when we got home, this sign will do.  It's actually one that I have chuckled about since we moved into this building.  Yes,  I find it a bit ironic (?) that the "No Smoking" sign hangs right above the fire extinguisher.  There's actually two on each floor.
Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that this is technically a smoke free building.  Although, there are two people who still do smoke in their apartments, but I'm guessing they've been living here (at least, I'm pretty sure the one has!) longer than the ban has been in place.  I just find it kinda funny where the sign is posted in relation to the fire extinguisher.
This really isn't a very good photo, but we were on our way to pick up Gak from work and Boo wasn't being very patient.

Yesterday was a tough day for everyone.  For me, it was just more reporting month madness combined with a Monday lack of focus.  Boo had it easy.  He wasn't happy that he wasn't getting any Amma time because he had to go school the whole day because Daddy was working all day.  Gak had the worst day of us all.  It was a very disaster filled day, and ended up a bit grumpy.  We all have those and we survived this one as we usually we do.

Anyhow, today's prompt was "my addiction".  I went for the obvious shot.  Here's my basket that sits right beside my rocking chair in the living room.  It's got a started project, a bunch of waiting yarn and several completed projects in the front.  Actually, those projects can probably represent another addiction I've been going through.  I have been hooked on fashion scarves (as opposed those purely for warmth) and shrugs/small shawls.  They really do expand my wardrobe quite a bit and are quick and easy projects.  Oh, and that orange bit, that's Trey's scarf I made him last winter.  He didn't really get to wear it much because it wasn't that cold.

But, my other current addiction has been tea.  I just got an order from Adagio, I think I ordered about 6 different teas.  I seemed to run out of everything all at once.  That could have made an interesting picture, but probably not, because none of them are open.

Anyhow, I'm going to wrap it up here.  Tomorrow's prompt is "plate".  Maybe my lunch will be interesting.  Actually, thinking about "plate" I'm not sure what we're doing for dinner tomorrow... hmmm... guess I'd better figure that out before I go to bed.
Oh, and speaking of bed, I finished The Goddess Lounge last night.  It was awesome.  Quite funny.  It had a great page-turning pace.  And, yeah, I needed to hear the lesson Penne was hit upside the head with.  Thanks Margaret!  I can't wait to read what else your amazing brain comes up with.  You really do make me laugh.

Ok, now I'm going to wrap it up.

Peace to all and may you have an addiction that makes you happy and find humor in the signs around us.

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Margaret said...

Addey, thank you so much for your comments on my blog, your blog, Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Your generosity with your time and talent is truly appreciated. Don't you love the blogosphere!