Monday, July 02, 2012


Anyone who knows me in real life, or has read this blog for more than a few months realize that the first month of every quarter is all about busy at work. Busy doesn't begin to cover it some months.  This month is probably going to feel like one of those.  My good friend Bill is getting married Saturday down in Key West and will be out from Wednesday morning until the 16th.  Oh, did I mention he's the main regulatory guy in the service group?  I mean, I know a boat load about all this reporting stuff and have been here only 6 months less than Bill, but Bill knows way more than I do some days.  So... yeah, it's going to be busy.  July is often rough because of the 4th interrupting things, but this year will be even more fun.  Oh well, so be it.

So, being the first work day of reporting month, it's quite appropriate that today's photo prompt was "busy". This is a (slightly staged, but only to cover up customer information) shot of my desk right before I was leaving today.  Those printouts tell me what's wrong with the reports the customers are trying to submit.  Those are only the first of many, many trees I could end up killing.
...You know... for being a company that deals with power plant emissions and is supposedly a "green" company, we sure do burn through a lot of paper.  Sure, I use two monitors all the time these days, but there are some times I just need a hard copy to scribble on or to easily take with me to talk to someone else.

Anyhow, I just thought I'd share today's "busy" shot.  I would much rather have had a shot of my busy, busy boy being a four-year-old boy and not stop moving.  He almost vibrates some days he's so busy.

Peace to all and may you not be any busier than you need to be.

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Margaret said...

That's a grat busy shot. It reminds me of my desk, which is always like that.