Saturday, July 14, 2012


Yesterday's photo a day prompt was "open".  I've seen several great shots.  I had some interesting ideas, but none of them really happened.  Of course, I get to work (at 6am) and realize that I'd left my camera at home.  So, I wasn't going to be taking any "good" photos at work.  I look down at my open desk drawer and decide it looks kinda cool.  So, I snapped this one with my phone.  Not a bad shot.  I might have done it a little differently with my camera, but I'm not sure.  Yes, there's my hook case, a half completed project and a ball of yarn in there.  Yes, I've gotten in trouble for it before, but these days I only take in projects during reporting month.  Why do I take in projects in the busiest months we have?  Quite simply, to keep me from bouncing off the walls.  Things get really, really hectic.  I've got a mountain of work I have to get done.  That's the good thing, it keeps me busy.  The bad thing, it all takes lots and lots of computer churning time.  I have to run evaluations on reports and move (relatively) large files around and wait for reports to run... all things that tie up my computer and keep me from doing two things at once and they tend to take up a good bit of time.
So, instead of bouncing off the walls from having to sit still, or getting up and wandering off only to return 10 or 15 minutes after everything is finished, I take in a project to keep my fingers busy.  It's the same reason why I used to make so many baby blankets when I was traveling all the time for work.  I can't sit still... and you have to sit still on airplanes.  There's not much room and you're supposed to stay in your seat anyhow.  So, crochet keeps me from going totally insane.  And I can put it down at the end of any stitch, unlike a book which usually draws me in and is worse than going off to talk to a friend for a few minutes.

I have a previous photo that I love even more for "open", but since I'm trying to take all new shots, I didn't use it.  I'll post it at the end.

Today's prompt was "building".  I think I lamented earlier about not having big buildings around.  Of course, I've seen several little buildings that are really neat and have such character.  There are even a few here in town, but I knew I wasn't going to get there today.  Instead, this is how Boo and I spent a good chunk of the morning and some of the afternoon as well.  We were building with Legos.  Yes, there are a lot there.  I found a whole stash of my old Legos and gave them to Boo today to add to his pile.  To say he was thrilled was an understatement.  Anyhow, over all we had a great day.  We're still battling with eating and other control issues, but he's four.  And stubborn runs strong in the family.  He did take a nice long nap for me which meant I got to read a lot of "The Goddess Lounge" this afternoon.  I'm enjoying it and it's quite a quick and fun read.  Some moments I just want to smack Penne upside the head, but most of the time it's Georgie that needs a swift kick.  Anyhow, it's almost 9:00.  I think I'm going to wrap it up here and try and figure out what's going on the rest of the weekend...

Peace to all and may you have a fun weekend and not let work crush you too badly.

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