Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Fun Fourth

The photo prompts for the last two days were "the best bit of my day" and "fun".  I would say that this has been a fun 24 hours or so.

After some confusion between Gak and I, figured out that we were, indeed, going to camp overnight Tuesday night at Knoebel's.  So, after work, I pick up Boo, we run home and throw stuff together for overnight.  We didn't have to worry about our tent because it was already up there.  In just under an hour we got everything thrown together, including sleeping bags, washing out the cooler, picked up milk, tea and ice and Gak and dinner from Sonic.  We got up to the site right about 9:00.  Just about everyone was still down in the park so, we head down and catch up with them.  I rode the Ferris wheel with Ed, Buffie, Billy and Nik.  I got a great picture from the top.
I was hard pressed to decide which picture I took yesterday represented my "best bit" of the day.  The pictures of the campfire after we got back to the site didn't turn out too well.  The picture from the top of the Ferris wheel, while cool, isn't exactly my favorite part of the day, so I settled with the picture I took of Boo before leaving to get the food and Gak.  On almost any given Tuesday, the best bit of my day is usually the moment Boo realizes I've come to pick me up and he comes running over.  Although, some times the moment I tuck him into bed is my favorite.  Or, sometimes Gak and I actually get to steal a few moments together ant that really makes my day.

Anyhow, today's prompt was fun.  I didn't really get much of a choice.  I have to go with the picture of Boo, Nik and Billy playing with cars in the dirt this morning.  You see, my camera started acting up right after I took this shot.  It's working again now, so I should be able to finish the rest of the month.

We had a good day at Knoebel's.  After a fairly lazy morning, Gak and I took Boo, Nik, Katie and Katie down to the park.  We got the boys on a handful of rides and the girls and I rode a few things as well.  After we headed back to the campsite to finish packing everything up and having a bit of lunch.  Ed, Buffie and the kids headed home at that point, the rest of us (including Kat, Zoe, Andy, Steph and Rachel at this point) head down into the park.  Those of us that wanted to got on the Twister (I think I like the Phoenix better... it's scarier and has bigger drops, but Twister rattles and spins you more...)  After that we hit the gift shop and some of the kiddos wanted to go on the Antique cars.  Gak and I stole a few minutes and walked to the other side of the park to pick up frozen iced teas and lemonade for Boo.  After that, we all decided we were hot, tired and wanted to make it home for fireworks.

Actually, Boo is in bed now, the truck has been dropped off at the local garage for a second opinion tomorrow and I'm probably going to call it a night soon.  I don't really want to go to work tomorrow, but I've got a mountain of work waiting for me.

Peace to all and may you have fun and good "weekends" even if they're in the middle of the week.

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