Sunday, August 02, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Well, good rainy morning to you all! (Ok, so it's a rainy morning here while I'm writing this, I don't know what time of day or the weather condition it is when and where you're reading this.... but... oh, never mind.)

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. We had an almost fun, uneventful trip to the Laundromat. Boo took a nap and even ate some lunch! I believe that whatever growth spurt he's been on for the last month or two is past. We have now entered toddler eating habits. I'm sure he's getting enough nutrition into him, but it's only about half of what he was eating a week ago. Oh well. Back to lunch... I managed to get him to eat most of 2 chicken nuggets. (Give him one at a time and ignore him.) I think Cheerios are just about out for the moment. He'll look me right in the eye as he tosses them onto the floor, but will gobble up all kinds of other little crunchies. I also got some cheese stick things into him and some more milk. (I'd managed a small cereal bar and 5 oz of milk for breakfast and lots of freeze-dried apples, which continue to be a favorite. I just wish they were cheaper.)
Ok, enough about food for the moment. Boo didn't want his afternoon nap. He lay quietly for about 15 minutes and decided he was done. Ok. We'll try again later. Since the sun was shining, the weather was cooperating and the boy was in a happy mood and it was the 1st of the month, we went to the park and took Dragon with us. I got a couple of good pictures of Boo playing with the dragon. We then went onto the swings for a few minutes and I let him push his stroller around for a little bit. By then it was off to pick up Poppa!
We had a few adventures before coming home. We drooled at the appliances at Best Buy and wandered through the games. (I keep dreaming about redoing the kitchen or even just being able to have a washer and dryer in the apartment. All dreams at this point since a, we don't own the place, b, we don't have the money even if we could and c, there is no way to get a washer and dryer hookup built into this apartment. But.... it's nice to dream from time to time.) We then decide to head out to the Q-mart and then home, but as we pass the store, Gak realized he'd left the "Open" sign lit. Oops. We make a detour to turn that off and both realize we were hungry, so we ended up going to Taco Bell. Boo likes nacho chips and cinnamon twists, but wasn't into trying the cheese rollup (cheese rolled in a tortilla and melted). Oh well. We then wander around the Q-mart and home again. The boy decides he doesn't want a nap, but I did. I got a little bit of a snooze in while the boys played for a little bit.
I managed to get a container of yogurt and another chicken nugget into the boy for dinner. I miss the boy I could put a plate of food in front of and he'd gobble it down. I shouldn't complain, in only a few short years I probably won't be able to get enough food in front of him... ever!
Anyhow, we played quite happily for the evening, had a bath and crashed. At least I seem to have my happy boy back. I'll take a happy, not eating boy over a screaming child any day.

Of course, all this good day did have a shadow hanging over it. My friend Joan is going through some very rough times. Her mom really isn't doing well at all. She's been on a very long, very slow, very painful (for everyone) decline. And the sad part is, so much of it could have been prevented if she'd tried! And now Joan's grandfather isn't doing well and they're not sure he'll last the weekend. This is definitely one time I don't envy her. Joan's very good at getting the raw end of the deal, but this sucks even for her luck.

Well, I've got two sleeping boys. I think I'll try and get some yarn play in. I was going to take the boy to the park today, but it's raining. Oh well. Yesterday was nice.

Peace to all and may your weekends be good and your plates (and tummies!) full.

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