Monday, August 10, 2009

Plumbing and Picnics

Yesterday was a day of extremes.
The weather started out rainy and cycled between rainy and cloudy most of the day, eventually clearing up completely for a couple of hours at one point.
The two things we wanted to accomplish was going to Steve's picnic and do the grocery shopping. We got both things done, but well... it was an adventure.
Yesterday morning started out well. I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Everyone was happy and the boys both took long naps after breakfast.
We get our butts in gear and end up being the first ones over to the picnic. That was a good thing because it gave me a few minutes to catch up with Steve without having 17 million other people veing for his attention. If you haven't guessed... Steve is a very popular guy. There were some adventures with people getting lost, rain, charcoal, lighter fluid and oh... did I mention rain? Anyhow, it was a good time. I got to catch up with a few people I don't see very often any more myself (including my ex John and his wife Jenn, who I still enjoy talking with). Like I said, it was a good time if very crowded. I only know about 1/4 the people that were there, if I'm lucky. Around 3 or so Gak said he had a headache and he really wasn't looking too good. Boo was refusing to nap and well, it wasn't raining at the moment, but looked like it could start again.
It is a good thing we left when we did. As we got to the parking lot of the park our landlady called to see where we were because the ceiling was leaking... again.... And half an hour or so after we got home, Gak spent the better part of 10 minutes returning everything he had eaten up to that point. He spent a lot of the next few hours trying to bring up his toes... and finally getting some sleep. Boo was fussy for a bit through this but managed to take about an hour to 1.5 hour nap as well.
The plumber came while Gak was passed out. The building has very old plumbing. (Well, duh! it's an old building!) He more or less said he could just keep coming out every time a new leak springs or he could take care of all of it at once. As much as our landlady hates doing it, she's taking care of it all at once.
So, yeah, yesterday was an adventure.
And so is today. GrammaSue is watching Boo all day today because Gak is working open to close all week. (He was feeling much better by 8 pm last night and even more so by this morning.) The plumbers came by 8:00 and the water has been off to the building. Therefore, GrammaSue and Boo went over to the Broadway Cafe two doors down to use their bathroom and get some lunch. (Jay, the owner of the Cafe and that building is very nice and knows us.) It's a good thing that Mom's knees are feeling good today. Normally she doesn't even think about trying to go up and down the stairs to our apartment with Boo. When Mom and Boo went to go back home, she ran into our landlady and the entire entrance way ceiling is down. Therefore, they walked over to the park. I just suggested that they try the library if he gets tired of the grass and she doesn't want to go home quite yet. The library is right across the street from the park, so is nice and convenient.

Anyhow, work is um... interesting..... and that's where I'm going to leave it. Although, I'd better get back to it before I totally loose my thought for the day.

Peace to all and may all your plumbing work...

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