Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sunday Sauntering

Yes, I know it is Tuesday and the title implies Sunday.
I just didn't get around to writing yesterday and Sunday evening I was just too tired to write.
Saturday afternoon Kat calls and wants to know what, if anything, we were doing that night. She also calls to talk about the Girl Scout stuff she picked up and to ask me if I needed a 10-year or 15-year pin. I said that this year should be 15 years and that I still have my 10-year pin. (Can you believe it?! 15 years!)
We also get onto the topic of orienteering because we were talking about camping. The training weekend for DVOA was in Hickory Run this weekend. Yet again, I didn't make it to the training. I had to have turned in my registration by the first of September, and that date came and went without me even noticing. Oops. The Sunday meet was open to all, so Kat said she'd see if Scott wanted to go and the three of us could make a day of it. She also asked if Gak and I wanted to go see 3:10 to Yuma that night after Gak got done work.
Well, we did end up going to the movie. It was pretty good. Gak's not a huge Russel Crowe fan, so he didn't enjoy it as much. I thought they did it justice. I've never seen the original, so I can't compare. I really liked the way they shot it. They didn't use the steady-cam for every shot, but they didn't totally make it vomit inducing with the motion. The story is a good one and the characters believable and complex.
The only real problem is that we got home at about 1am and we were meeting Kat and Scott at the dinner for breakfast at about 8:30. Gak had to work but Scott, Kat and I were heading up to Hickory Run. Breakfast actually came off without a hitch.
We had a total blast at Hickory Run. We got up there just about 10:30 or so after breakfast. Now, keep in mind that Scott was in the Army for a while and is used to doing this the way the Army did. Kat's gone a few times, but hasn't really since our Girl Scout days and this is only the 3rd event I've made since March. To say there were some comic moments would be an understatement. It was comic getting to the start. It was comic getting to numbers one and two. The start was comic because we were in the camp ground and in anything remotely resembling civilization, I get lost. The first two were comic due to differences in approach.
We did the Orange course as a group of three, but each had our own maps. this was good because we knew Scott would just be a map hog and I wanted a copy for myself to take home anyhow. The course was about 3.5 Km as mapped with about 100m of climb. Not bad really. I've had Yellow's that long and steep. The course was well designed. I think it might have been slightly on the easier side of Orange, but some of the controlls were a bit tricky, or could have been if one in a different order. (Actually, the two we messed up were two of the easier ones, but again, they were across the campsite so we didn't do too well with that...)
The three of us didn't have a stellar time, but none of us were too unhappy with it either. We walked. We made some obvious mistakes. We had fun, which was probably the most important. We all would have been happier if we'd shaved about 20-30 minutes off, but for a first outing, everyone did just fine. Scott was very pleased with the event. I think I've hooked another one. This is good. I can't wait for Steve to get home, we'll have to convince him to come out too. (Next time, we'll pit Steve against Scott, it'll be almost as funny as making the two of them be on the same team.) Kat and Scott both want to go again and there are several more events (several I can't make) between now and the winter break.

Ok. I just totally lost my train of thought. My email beeped at me and now I can't think. It was an email from my cousin announcing his son's birth this morning. No, I don't have a name. They're keeping it secret until the Bris, which will be on the 25th, which is Gak's birthday. I plan on going down to Baltimore for this happy event so I can give him the blankie I made. I don't have pictures yet because I haven't washed it yet. Luckily it's getting washed tonight, and no fabric softener and super gentle soap. (Ben has some fun allergies to chemicals and fairly sensitive skin, which is a family trait. Therefore, we don't want to risk accidental making Peanut break out.)
Peace to all and may your life be full of happy surprises.

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