Monday, September 24, 2007

Faire Fun

Yesterday turned out to be a wonderful day.
I did end up wearing my garb. I thought I had a different bodice than the one I ended up wearing. About halfway there, I remembered. I had given it to my mother. Sure enough, when we show up, there she is, wearing my old bodice. It looks good on her.
There were a few things that could have made yesterday better. The PA Faire has gotten very expensive. It was almost $60 for just Gak and myself. When I first started going in the mid '90s, it was about $18 a head and I thought that was a little steep. It's just about doubled in 10 years. But, then again, so have gas prices. I wouldn't mind paying so much if the entertainment was more and better. This year the revel schedule was pretty full, but once you looked at it, you realized that it was mostly the same handful of acts again and again. I'm not really complaining because some of them are worth seeing more than once, but they really only had a few quality, nationally known acts. (One of which were the Tartan Terrors, always a favorite!) They've done quite a bit of structural improvements to the buildings and grounds, but they've been loosing their best acts over the last handful of years.
We did watch the Terrors, eat some good food and go shopping. Gak and I purchased a print of the Green Man from Sabrina the Ink Witch back in June when we went for Celtic Fling. She was hoping to have Green Woman done by Faire, but it didn't happen. So, this means we'll have to pick her up in June, or order it off her web site when she gets it finished. (She's drawn, but not inked yet.) It will be nice to have the pair hanging in the house. Our dining room seems to have a 'tree' motif going, which is nice.
I figured since I was wearing my bad, well... not good, bodice, that meant I was able to go shopping for one. Mind you, I bought the green Irish dress I've been wearing in 2000 or 2001 I think. It has served me well and will serve me well again when I loose some weight. I ended up paying way more than I was going to, but I figured it was partially a birthday gift for Gak. I ended up with a new corset. I'll have to download my pictures off the camera and see if there's a good one to post. Gak was already having a hard time keeping his hands to himself. I think this made it all but impossible for him! (Not that I'm complaining mind you...) It took my waist in a good few inches and my bust up and out several more. I was so amazed at how I looked in it that I really didn't mind paying what I did.
Gak got new clothes too. Or, well, he will have new clothes sometime this week. He actually tried on a kilt. Unfortunately, the ones that they had were all about 4" too short to sit at his waist right. He looked very good in it. The owner of the shop said he'd custom make one for him, at no additional charge! Yes, you read that right, for nothing extra and will ship it to us. The plaid we chose is navy/black-gray/cream. It will look stunning on him, especially with his wedding shirt and vest. I can't wait to see him in it. Unfortunately, my corset doesn't match him in any way. The one side is a bright-ish red and black and the other is black and silver. Oh well, we don't clash at any rate.
Even Michelle bought clothes. While Gak was trying on the kilt, she was petting the wraps they had. They're a synthetic fiber so she can wear them. She wasn't going to buy one. The first one she tried on was a beautiful light green. She looks good in green. She ended up buying it.
So, it was a day of a few big purchases, a few interesting conversations and acts. (I think the shop keepers were more entertaining this year than some of the acts...) Overall a good day.
That is until the drive home. Can I tell you how much I hate I-78? They've been working on bits and pieces of this road for at least a decade. On the way out we went down to one lane, with no problems and the traffic in the other direction wasn't bad either. Well... on the way home it was bad. At one point, about 6 miles from the actual merge for the construction, we sat for at least 15 minutes, probably more like 20 or 25. I think it took us 1.5 hours to go about 10 miles. It normally takes 1.5 to 2 to get home. So, instead of going to the dinner after getting back, we settled for Arby's drive through.
Like I said, it was an enjoyable day for the most part. We did have a few not-so-pleasant bits, but that's ok.

Today has been a total loss at work though. I woke up stuffy and by the time I got to work my face felt like it was dripping off due to snot and drippy eyes. Allergies. I took a Benedryl around 9:30 and only just now feel awake again. I can breathe and my face isn't dripping so I'm happy, but it shot any productivity I had out the window. Oh well.
Tomorrow I go down to Maryland with Mom and Dad for the Bris. I can't wait to see my newest cousin and finally learn his name. I can't wait to see Ben and Jenny... and the dog Milo. I'm sure they're very happy to have expanded their family, but are exhausted right about now. I really do enjoy my cousin. I feel bad that we never get together more. They're not that far away. Bah. Yet another thing I'm not good at.
Peace to all and I hope you had wonderful weekends as well.

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