Sunday, September 23, 2007


This has been a good weekend so far. Well, other than Michelle's drive up here. It should take about 4 hours, it took her almost 6 thanks to the Beltway and an accident on 95.
Wednesday while we were finishing up over at Scott's, Kat pulled me aside and asked if we wanted to do something for Gak Saturday. His birthday is Tuesday, but because of Halo 3 and my cousin's son's Bris, neither one of us will be around. That and Michelle is up this weekend. So, in about 5 minutes we came up with a plan. Kat made real pulled pork barbecue, Zoe helped make the cake and I pulled together the rest. Scott's job was to get Gak out of the house.
Scott came and got Gak around 10 am. Apparently, and I don't know the full story, Scott had a bad day dealing with coworkers on Friday. Scott was supposed to bring Gak back around 5. Well, they show up at about 4 and nothing was ready. He quickly comes up with some excuse to get them back out of the house. By the time they got back, everyone was here and Gak was a bit surprised at who all was here, but had figured out something was up.
It was wonderful to have a house full of friends. Especially when Al dropped by. He actually had his daughter with him. It was funny, I just happened to be walking past the front door when I spot this cute little blond girl walking in. I realize this is Al's daughter. (Mind you, this was the first I'd ever seen her, other than a few pictures. She's 2.5 years old!) I stick my head out the door and grab Al and drag him in.
I'd forgotten that last night was Equinox. My friend Chelsea has a very beautiful ritual written up on her blog that they did. I like ours just as much. Traditionally this is the time of the ending of one year and the beginning of the next. The harvest before the long winter and rebirth in the spring. I think we celebrated it in an appropriate manner ourselves. Maybe not so formally, but with just as much love and joy, even if not everyone realized it.
Today we are going to the Faire. I'm still not 100% sure if I'm going to wear garb. My beautiful green dress doesn't fit. It was tight last year, but apparently this year it's beyond tight. There is no way in the world that I'd be able to even remotely clasp the clasps. I do have an older bodice that does fit. I'm not sure how much I like it. It does have a few not-so-good or at least not-so-happy memories tied to it. That and it feels like such defeat, like I'm such a looser for not being able to keep my weight the same, let alone loose any. I was comfortable with myself while the clothes still fit. I admit, I was at the upper end of the sizes I wanted to be. But having the dress just outright not fit hurts. I think that and the fact that a month ago I didn't think I'd be wearing garb to fair because it wouldn't be fitting for other reasons. I don't get hung up on that often, but it's the oddest times that it makes me cringe a little.
I am looking forward to the day. Mom will be with us as will Michelle. It is supposed to be a nice day. Faire is almost always fun. Although, over the past few years the acts at PA have been steadily declining. From having people I know work there, I squarely blame the management. The Faire has been running for many, many years now, so it's not a lack of name kind of thing. It's at a nice time of year, but does compete with the MD one which is only a few hours south. Ah well, whatever.
I guess I should probably think about waking the other two. It's just about 7:45 and we have about 2 hours to get breakfasted and dressed and out the door.
Peace to all and may you be surrounded by friends and family in this time of the waining of the year.


Chelsea said...

Extending sympathy about the weight thing. I haven't told anyone else, but I've gained back between fifteen and twenty pounds of all that I lost in '06 & '07. Sucks. It all sucks.

Addey said...

I hear ya. In 04/05 I lost about 35 lb. I put all of it back on within the first 6 months of my travel job. I'm now above and beyond that now. *sigh* So depressing some days.