Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday.... just Monday....

Ok. Friday went well. I woke up nice and early and made it to the airport in plenty of time. It took me almost as long as I thought it might to get to the airport. I was fine until about 6 or 8 miles from the airport and then everything just stopped. Well, almost stopped. The flight home was uneventful. Kat was waiting to pick me up. She's been having one of those weeks and needed to bounce some things off me. It was an entertaining drive back and lunch. She's definitely got some things to think about and I can't really help her a whole lot with this one. I'm not saying more for now. It's not my place.
The weekend was blissfully uneventful. Other than Gak getting stuck at the office until around 10 on Friday and stuck another hour late on Sunday. Mostly due to painful coworkers. Oh well. I did get a call from Abi Saturday night. We talked for well over an hour. It was so great to reconnect. I can't wait for her visit, even if it's in December instead of November. I still have a hard time realizing the end of the year is just around the corner.
EEEK!!! I have too much to get done!!!!
Ok. Panic attack over.
I'm home this week, but not really going to enjoy it much. My schedule and Gak's just aren't meshing. That's OK, I expect it. Heck, I should be used to not seeing him during the week. That's not what's going to cause me to groan throughout the week though. I'm having my quarterly regional training this week. In my office. For 1.5 customers.
Huh? .5 customer? How can that be?
Well, one customer is only going to be here half the week, so therefore, 1.5 customers.
I have at least one person from the office attending, so that's nice. I have a couple of others who say they'll be stopping by at times throughout the rest of the week. I'm not too keen on that idea, but hey, some training is better than none I guess. I really need people to fill seats the second half of the week. It should go OK. They are nice people.
We were supposed to go out to dinner tonight, but one of the service guys offered to take them/us into Philly tomorrow for cheesesteaks and the like. I'm grateful for this, but I don't want to go. I'm in a non-social mode right now, so this is a lot more work than usual. And usually it's a lot of work for me to be that social for an entire day and night with customers. This is the one part of the training that I just don't enjoy. I like being able to end the lecture and then go home (or at least to the hotel) and not have to deal with anyone other than my family until the next day. I like my downtime.
Oh well. It's only one week, then they'll be gone. I'll be here the next two after that. I'm looking forward to finally being able to catch up on some stuff around the office that I've been neglecting for about 5 or 6 weeks. Oops.

I did get some disheartening news from mom though. Gram's most recent bone scan doesn't look good. Before the kidney operation, it was clean. Now it's not. It hasn't been that long. Neither of us know the extent of anything. Gram has the report and is sending a copy to mom, who will forward on a copy to me. This is one time I wish Gram used email. It would be so much faster and I could get the facts instead of 3rd hand and know how much to worry or to be able to stop worrying. Like I've said a lot the past few weeks. 2008 has got to be better than 2007... it just has to!
Ok. I'm tired and need to lock my worries back up so I can get to sleep. I hope everyone had a peaceful weekend and good health and happiness. Peace to all.

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Chelsea said...

Tell Gak to try some Advil for a case of painful coworkers.

Just bap 'em right in the head with a full bottle. Works every time.