Friday, November 09, 2012


Today I'm thankful for Fridays?  Yeah, I know.  It's lame.  I really haven't a clue.  I'm pretty tired and just realized I haven't posted anything today.
I am glad that today is a Friday.  It's been a long and only slightly productive week.  I'm soooo looking forward to Thanksgiving week and when I have off.  I really, really need the time away from the office.  I just am having a hard time these days.  I'm sure it's about 50% just mental.  But, I still am not feeling totally up to par and have been fighting the cold exhaustion again.  So over it.

Anyhow, today was one of the Fridays where the people I go out to lunch with were in the office.  So, there were 6 of us who all headed out to lunch today.  Two of us have birthdays in November, so one of our number decided it was her treat for the two of us.  Quite nice.  She really didn't have to do that, but I appreciate it.  I really enjoy the Fridays we go out to lunch.  But, they're just really hard to get work done.  I just can't seem to focus.  It's really aggravating.

Anyhow, I'm rambling, not making much sense and I'm heading to bed.

Peace and may you have someone to go to lunch with now and again.

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Margaret said...

I hope you feel better.