Saturday, November 03, 2012


I know it's early in the month to be pulling this one out, but today I've got to.  Today I am thankful for friends.

I'm thankful for the friends who have kids and tell me "it's OK, this is normal" when Boo has a button pushing day (like today)...
Long story hopefully short, bumper league finally started today because another little boy wanted to bowl.  Well.... despite being very interested and asking me every week (until a week or so ago) about bowling, when it finally came time to actually bowl today, we melted down.  It boiled down to me telling him we're here to bowl not just hang with the cousins and if he wasn't going to bowl we were going to go home... so... we disappointed another little boy (who did bowl) and we went home to Boo crying and whining about being hungry and tired.  So, I made him a second bowl of cereal and after that he lay down for about an hour or so.  He never did nap.  He only partially stopped pushing buttons.
I was so hoping that bowling wouldn't become the debacle that soccer did this spring/summer because he is very familiar with the place and the people and it was something he knows how to do, likes doing and asked to do.  Well, as soon as it became a "had to" instead of a "can I?" thing, he wanted nothing to do with it. So, yeah, already grumpy and frustrated with him and then he's been good at pushing buttons the rest of the day. And so, of course I'm even more worried than I was about Kindergarten next fall.  I just don't want to tackle that ball of wax right now.

But, I'm also thankful for friends who help each other out.  Scott had several trees come down in the storm.  So, Kat, Steph, Steve, Shelby, Randy, Chris and Dianne were all over helping him cut up trees and haul them to the front and all kinds of good things like that.  Since I was already making chili today because it's great weather for it and I promised Gak, I offered to bring it over for everyone.  Everyone was very thankful that I did, especially since Scott still doesn't have power.  Scott was very thankful for everyone's help today, and I believe people are going to gather again tomorrow to help with more cleanup.

But now, I am cold and tired and am dealing with a boy who never did actually nap today and is being a combination of whiny and good at pushing buttons... thankfully it's almost bath time for a boy.  (Although, I want to keep him up late tonight because, joy, it's the end of daylight savings time...)

So, I'm off to run a bath for a boy, maybe camp him out in front of a movie for a bit and then try and enjoy my evening....

Peace to all and my no one be pushing your buttons but you have friends to lend a hand if they are.

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