Monday, May 03, 2010


Well, it was a weekend.  Of course, like I'd originally thought, since I took Boo into the doctor on Friday, he was feeling much better by Saturday morning.  I still wasn't going to give him any milk and closely watch his solids, but he was almost his normal self.  Because he woke up around 7 and was happy and chipper, I decided to break my rules and take him to swim class.  If he'd had a fever the day before or hadn't been vomit free for almost 18 hours, I wouldn't have taken him.  Well, we're in with the bigger toddlers this time.  He did not want to wear the bubbles, so I didn't make him.  He did not want to get into the water at first, and I'm not sure I blame him on that one.  It was cold.  Well, maybe not cold, but definitely not warm.  He warmed up quickly though and was enjoying himself by the end of the half hour.  If I can ever get him back into the bathtub without screaming at me for the entire time it takes to clean him, we've got to work on blowing bubbles.  He'll kick a bit if he wants, and will even sometimes "reach and pull" a bit with help... if he wants to.  But blowing bubbles seems to be a true mystery to him.  Splashing, on the other hand, he's an expert at.
After swimming we went home for a few, but since he had absolutely no interest in napping and it was beautiful out, we took a walk to the park.  Seeing as though "park" and "slide" are two of his favorite things, I though this would be a good idea.  It was, we had lots of fun.  Saturday they were doing the "Relay for Life" at the park and it was very crowded.  So, it's a good thing that we didn't drive over.  Anyhow, I was hoping he'd fall asleep on the walk back to the apartment after playing for about 45 minutes (we would have stayed longer but I forgot the sunscreen and it was HOT) but no, he didn't.  He did, however, take a nap for me shortly after that.
After he woke up and we picked up Gak from work, we ran a few errands (more like me running us in circles) and instead of me doing laundry (I'm too good at avoiding chores!) we ended up going over to Kat's.  It was a nice afternoon.
Sunday was even hotter and stickier.  Of course, we don't have the air conditioners in the windows at the apartment, so it's really sticky.  This means tempers were short for both me and Gak.  Our plans for the day were blown up quite early when Boo woke up early and needed a nap early.  So, instead of doing laundry 1st thing, we end up doing it later.  Gak and I spent some quality time in EQ together and then some time trying to get rid of some of the junk that's accumulated over the last 4 years. Once Boo woke up, I dropped the boys off at the Q-mart to try and get rid of some things while I took a stinky dinosaur and the laundry to get done and run a few errands.  I pick up the boys after everything was in the dryer.  Luckily we were able to get done with little to no indecent and quickly.
Of course, with the heat and tempers flaring and the stress of this whole situation, the littlest thing set both me and Gak at each other's throats.  Unfortunately for me, there is at least a kernel of truth to what Gak was complaining about yesterday.  There is no acceptable excuse for it, and "I'm sorry" is just a little hollow....
Anyhow, we managed to gather some things together to take over to Good Will.  Unfortunately, they don't take high chairs.  (We were going to get rid of the big high chair because we've never really used it and really won't have room in the new place for it...)  I can understand why they don't take cribs or car seats due to recalls and stuff... and there have been several recalls of high chairs recently as well.  Oh well.  I guess either we'll just store it at Mom's for now or maybe if Chris and Dianne are having a garage sale again this summer, put it up then... or maybe eBay.  Who knows....  Of course, we have a bunch of videos and books to drop off at Kat's, so we do.  Boo loves this because it means that he gets to play with Zoe two days in a row.
It was hot ans sticky and I refused to turn on the stove or oven... so we went out for dinner.  We shouldn't have.  We ate out too much this weekend as it was... but the lure of Friendly's and ice cream was too much.

So, today I have to do the grocery shopping on my way home.  I also have to gather trash and my goal is to go through my yarn and craft supplies in the big closet tonight.  I know there is a lot in there that I can get rid of... probably just right into the trash.  Tomorrow the bug guy comes again.  I'm not sure if this is for another spraying or just a follow-up inspection.  I don't really care.  I just want this nightmare to be over with so I can focus on what's important, my husband and my son.

I've got other things to talk about, but I need to get back to focusing on my work.  I've been playing catchup or been in training all day, so... I'm falling even further behind.  Not a pleasant feeling....

Peace to all and may your weekends be good, your moods not cranky and your behavior to your loved ones kind.

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