Tuesday, May 18, 2010


So, it's been a week since I last posted.  As usual, it's not because I don't have anything to say, it's because I'm not sure I want to commit it to writing for various reasons and that I'm still working through some of it in my own head.  That and I've been busy.
Last week was filled with business at work.  And general crankiness on my part.  My good friend Abi's mom also passed at the end of last week.  We knew it was coming, as her mom had been fighting cancer (started as breast, moved into her brain) for quite some time and that she really was going downhill fast.  It still sucks.
But yes, I kept turning over and over in my mind how to say what I feel about the new apartment.  The new apartment is lovely.  It's a wonderful space and we actually have neighbors, and they're all friendly so far.  (One even offered to babysit Boo if we ever needed before she's even met him!)  It has a lot of nice amenities and is in a good location and reasonable rent and all that good stuff.
But it's not home yet.
It may not be for a bit of time.  I'm trying to make it home.  I want it to be home, truly I do.  I like the place and think that moving there is a good thing.  I just still feel very hurt and betrayed and forced into it.  In a way, I almost feel like I've been dumped.  No, I'm not in a romantic relationship with either the old apartment or the landlady, you know what I mean.  I mean that I've had a relationship with this space and this landlady for 4 years now.  This is where our son was conceived.  This is where we brought him home to.  This is where we had many, many a Sunday game session with friends.  This is where I hosted Thanksgiving for the first time last year. So, yeah.  It wasn't a perfect relationship.  There were bits of  awkwardness from the start, or almost the start.  But it seems like it all just fell apart at the end and that we were all but forced out the door.  It got to the point where the relationship between us and the landlady couldn't be salvaged, and I really don't want to live somewhere where the landlord or landlady doesn't like me or my family.  I keep asking myself what went wrong.  So, yes, it's almost like we were dumped and like the ending of any relationship, it will take a little time to heal from it and move on.  I think that's the best way I've been able to explain how I feel right now.

But, we've started the moving process.  I'm so glad it's only a handful of blocks away and we can move a few things here and there and don't have to have everything packed up and boxed up and labeled and ready to go on just one day.  I'm horrible at that.
Friday was a very busy day for me.  The first thing was that Gak and I both had eye doctor appointments.  We both got new glasses, mine were ready that afternoon.  That was a good thing because Boo had broken the arm on mine a couple of weeks earlier.  They were able to repair them so I have a spare set though.  (My prescription didn't change a whole lot.  I really like my new frames, they're very different from what I'd been wearing.
The next thing on the list was to pick up the keys to the new apartment and pay the half's month rent for May.  After that was dropping Boo off at daycare and Gak and I had a quick lunch and then dropped him off at work.  Then I had the joy of going up to the Social Security office in Allentown.  You see, I never did change my name to Brady with them.  And since everything else, including my passport is in my married name, not my maiden name, the new corporate won't pay me unless my SSN matches.  So... off to Allentown I went.  Then I had time to pick up a few things, pick up my glasses and do a little bit around the new apartment before I had to pick up Boo and Gak.  So, even though it was a vacation day, it was far from restfull.

The move is going well.  The kitchen is all but moved (the cold stuff is moving today, and there are a few other odds and ends in the kitchen to move yet).  The clothes are all but moved, other than what's at Kat's in storage and the few things for this week.  Everything is getting washed again before being moved.  Paranoia being what it is.  We took Gram's dinning room furniture down to Mom's on Sunday, with the help of Scott and Kat (and Zoe in tow!).  Then we picked up a new bed from my friend Randy at work.  They'd bought a new queen sized bed shortly before his wife got sick.  She can't sleep in the bed any more, and so it was just taking up space in the garage.  He said we could have it just so long as we came and picked it up.  (I'll probably take him out to lunch or something as a thank-you though.)  We need to get a new kitchen table (our little tiny one will do for now) and a new futon/sofa.  We've still got the furniture to move mostly and the linen, storage and junk closets to go through.  But, it's going.  We've got another week or so yet.  We don't have to have everything out of here until the 30th.  (Technically the 7th, but I told our landlady we'd have everything out by the 30th).  We've paid the half-month of May at the new place and the extra week's worth at the old place.  I have to cancel the phone and the DirectTV (unfortunately, the new place is Comcast only... and we're not going to keep the landline, just the cable and the Internet, saving us about $50 or more a month.)  I keep trying to call but either forget until 10:00 at night or get disconnected with Verizon.  It will happen though.
So, yes, we're getting there.  Boo seems to like the new space.  Especially now that some of his toys are in his room.  He really loves the balcony and will gladly proclaim "Outside!" every time he sees it and want to go out there all the time.  We'll see what happens when he has to sleep there.  I'm not putting the crib up, but may keep the crib mattress around for a little while.  We'll have the pack-n-play as a backup.  I'm sure there'll be a few sleep deprived nights, but he'll get the hang of it sooner or later.  I think he's ready to move into a real bed, but not so sure about staying in there to go to sleep.

Anyhow, I'd better get dressed, get the cold stuff packed up and ready to go.  And a boy awake and dressed as well, since we're all heading over to the new place before I go to work.  Oh, and yes, I have pictures and no, they're still on the camera.  Patience.

Peace to all and may your relationships end smoothly and your moves go well.

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