Sunday, May 23, 2010

Drive By Postin

Just taking a quick second so say that the move hasn't killed us yet.  It's trying hard, but we've been winning so far.
Yes, I've been lazy and haven't updated photos since the first of the month.  I'll get there.
We got so much done yesterday with the help of Joan, Mel and Ant, it is amazing.  Now, to try and have enough energy to fix the rest of it.  Ugh.  We've got until Friday or Saturday really to get everything done.  Most days I think we'll make it, but every once in a while... I'm not so sure.
Anyhow, the network is up at the new place and we've been sleeping here since Friday.   No, the boy isn't in his bed, it is in pieces on the floor of his room.  He's been in the pack-n-play and quite content there.  So, I may be able to procrastinate the changeover for a bit, but I'm not sure.
But, the boy is asleep, and I'm thinking that sounds like a wonderful idea myself.

Peace to all and may your moves be smooth and you through out more than you keep.

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