Friday, May 28, 2010

Big Boy Beds

Wednesday night was a momentous night in the new apartment.  Boo not only slept in his bed, but actually started and ended the night there!
As you can see, he was half off the bed in the morning, but he was still sound asleep.  Earlier in the evening I decided I should probably put the bed back together.  We were playing in his room and he was happily bouncing on his mattress.  I asked him where he wanted his bed, and he kept pointing to the wall where I was sitting.  So, I moved the mattress there and he was quite happy to move there.  Even put his head on the pillow and proudly said "bed!".  Since he was so happy on the mattress, I decided not to put the bed back together again right now.  Maybe in a couple of months, maybe by this time next year, who knows.  Eventually he'll be in a "bed" instead of just a mattress on the floor, but for now, this is what he wants.
I wasn't sure he was going to sleep on his bed Wednesday night.  Amma was over to keep an eye on the boy because Gak and I needed to get more stuff done at the old apartment (which should be done by tomorrow, but that's a whole different story...).  He was happy playing on the mattress and she asked if he was going to sleep there, and he said "no".  Well, that's his answer to everything, even when he means yes.  It has been for 6 months now.  Anyhow, I told her it was up to her if she put him to bed on his mattress or in the pack-n-play that we'd been using since Friday.  So, she decides to try him in his bed.
We get home a few minutes after he goes to bed.  We were standing there quietly and suddenly his door opens and he says "keek-a-boo!" in a happy voice.  So, I calmly take him back to his bed, tell him it's bed time, lie him down, kiss his head and tell him to go to sleep.  He's pouting at me and saying "no", but he doesn't fuss too much.  Within about 20 minutes, he was asleep, curled up on the mattress, looking very cute and extremely small.  He stayed that way all night until almost 8:00!  (I took this picture at about 7:30 in the morning.)
Yesterday was also Boo's 2-year checkup.  Yep, that's right, 2-years.  His birthday isn't until Tuesday, but when I had his appointment scheduled for originally will be in our benefits limbo as we switch over.  Therefore, to avoid the hassle, I moved it up a week.  My boy is growing well.  He's 25.5 lb (which is almost no weight change) and 34" tall.  Dr. M wasn't worried about the lack of weight gain, since his % is still good and he hasn't lost any.  He did fuss a good bit, but also cooperated for her as well.  When we were answering her questions and describing what he can do, she said that it sounds like a lot of things they typically expect to see out of a 2.5 year old.  He's just exploded in the last month or two, which has been amazing to watch.  And in general he's such a happy, easy going boy, too, which has us spoiled rotten.  Sure, he gets whiney and stubborn and wants things his way, but his tantrums don't usually involve kicking or biting or any other destructive behavior, just a lot of complaining.

So, that's the good news.  The bad news is, that most of the furniture still at the old place that we wanted, we don't want any more because it's been infected and it's just not worth the risk.  That really put us between a rock and hard place.  We could just leave the crap there and kiss our deposit good-bye, or we could pay $300-$400 for a junk company to come haul it away and hope to salvage some of our deposit.  (I know she'll keep some of it... there is some paint damage and I probably won't get it "clean enough"... but that's a different story...)  Legally, she can't keep all of it unless it's for actual repairs and she's supposed to furnish us a receipt.  I'm not going to hold my breath or push my luck.  So.... we decided to go with the junk company.  It sucks, it sucks really bad.  Because now we not only need new (or at least new to us) furniture, but we've got to pay to get rid of the old stuff.  So, yeah, we'll probably be out the whole deposit at any rate, but at least this way, hopefully we won't be out the deposit plus the cost of new dressers for the family.  Everything will be picked up and hauled away tomorrow afternoon.  I'm hoping it'll take up less space than I think it will, but I'm not going to hold my breath.  I just want it gone and to be able to finally close this chapter.

I'm just thankful that this is a long weekend.  Saturday we finish getting stuff out of the old place.  Sunday I'll clean it and bake some cupcakes (not at the same time).  Monday I'm trying to figure out if I can manage to go to the Y with mom.  We're also having a picnic at Kat's house for Memorial day and we're celebrating Boo's birthday with cupcakes and ice cream.  If you want to come, just show up.  If you need directions, let me know!  (I'm not sure why I'm saying this.... there are only about 10 people who read this thing and they'll either be there already or live out of state....)

Anyhow, peace to all and may your beds be slept in, the choices easy and the weekends fun.

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