Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonderful Weekend!

I'm seriously about to crash and use my keyboard as a pillow, but I just couldn't keep from posting about this weekend until tomorrow.  Tomorrow I'll talk about the work drama.... maybe.... if there's anything new.
Anyway, this is supposed to be about our wonderful weekend visit with Michelle.
Michelle got up here about 9:30 or so Friday night.  She would have been up much earlier if she hadn't hit every possible traffic snarl between here and D.C.  It was sooooooo good to see her.  We hadn't had a chance to get together since Labor Day and we've missed each other!  Since she got up here so late Friday, it was a pretty low key evening just catching up.  Boo was already in bed of course, but that didn't stop her from watching him sleep for a bit.  (He is even cuter asleep if that's possible!)
Saturday was a busy and fun-filled day.  Poor Gak had to work.  We sent him in by his lonesome.  You see, it was "Art's Alive" here in town and therefore parking, and just getting to the apartment, was fun.  After a bit of a lazy start to the morning Michelle, Boo and I brave the threatening weather and go down to the street below to check out the goodies.  I wasn't quite as impressed as I had been in years past.  There were some neat things, but nothing screamed "take me home!" this year.  That's good, because as much as I like buying handmade items, I just don't have room for many more.  (Although, if anyone cares, I'm looking for a nice, handmade pottery syrup pitcher.  Just big enough to warm some syrup in the microwave for a couple of people...)  Michelle did find a very nice stone and silver necklace as a thank you to her aunt Eileen for giving her a place to live while she was searching for a job and during her training.  I think it was very nice of Michelle to think of Eileen.  Of course, Michelle is that kind of person.  And so is Eileen.
The afternoon was spent eating kettle corn in front of a movie (well, about halfway through Michelle and Boo both decided it was nap time...).  Of course, Boo decided it was nap time about 10 minutes before his dadda walked in the door.  That's OK.  After nap time we all head out to Red Robin for dinner and then to Target afterwards.  I had brought some food for the boy with me, but decided that since he'd eaten hamburger for me at home, we'd try it out.  I figured worst case scenario is that we'd take it home and someone else would eat it later.  Well, let me tell you.  That boy ended up eating just shy of half of his burger (no bun mind you) and a few bites of fries.  I think that's about as much as my 8-year-old niece Zoe eats on a good day!  I really am impressed by my good eating boy.  Here's hoping I can just convince him he still likes veggies as he gets older.  I figure at least one of us should like them.
I think Michelle was out to spoil her nephew rotten.  (I don't know why... she's got 3 nephews and 2 nieces by blood, and another on the way....)  I think she bought fully half a summer wardrobe and some really cool trucks.  Gak and I picked up one of his birthday presents as well.
Sunday was more shopping.  We met GrammaSue down at ToysRUs near her house.  We found a really cool push-behind truck for PopPop to give Boo for his birthday.  We also picked up some MegaBlocks.  Since it was about lunchtime, we went to Michael's for lunch.  Then we went to Michael's to pick up some more flowers for Mom's front "garden" and to look at cake pans.  We decided to get the giant half a cupcake pan.  It was either that or the castle.  As cool as the castle looks, I'm thinking we'll get just a bit more use out of the cupcake.  You can turn a cupcake into any occasion... a castle is a little more limited.
We then went over to the Mall.  Aunt Michelle just had to buy Boo some more clothes, including some more overalls.  (I of course had to pick up another pair for him as well... both of which have dinos on them.)  Shortly after this it was time for Michelle to go and Boo needed another nap.

Let me tell you, saying good by at the exit was really hard.  This time we know it'll be at least 6 months before we'll get to see each other.  And there's just so much between now and then.  She's got all this moving and packing to do and a new job in Canada to settle into for the next two years.  I'm looking forward to visiting her though.  Ottawa isn't too horrible of a drive away.  This just means Boo and Gak need to get their passports.  I've got mine.  It already has a lot of Canada stamps.

And no, I was a bad Momma.  I didn't take out my camera at all this weekend.  Michelle got a few good ones and so did GrammaSue.  Hopefully one of them will email them to me so I can share.

It was a good weekend, even if parts of it were a little bittersweet because we all knew this was a rare moment for the next several years.  I'm so excited for Michelle though.  It should prove to be an interesting ride for a while.

Well, I'd better go before I crash into the keyboard.  Peace to all and may your weekends be good ones.

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