Friday, May 08, 2009

Hacking Through the Week

It's been a long week of not much sleep for this ratling.  At least it's not quite gray today.
I haven't slept well all week.  Of course, it's not all my fault.  You see, last Friday or so Boo started coughing a lot again.  He often coughs during the day, but nothing major.  He's been pretty snotty recently too.  I just figured it's been an allergy kind of reaction.  I know my reaction to everything in the air hasn't been too pleasant the last few weeks.
Well, the cough started to be overnight as well and enough to more or less wake the boy on several occasions each night.  (Actually, I think I woke up more than he did... or at least he wasn't fussing about being awake.)  So, Gak decided (and I agreed) that the boy should go see the doctor yesterday.  Well, he was tired and fussy and out of sorts.  He's been eating just fine.  He has no fever or other signs of illness other then a general snotty-ness and a rattly cough.  He screamed his little lungs out for Dr. M.  So, obviously his lungs are clear.  Her evaluation: a good bit of snot and post-nasal drip is causing the cough.  Give him .5 tsp kids Benedryl before bed to help him sleep through the night.  Probably a cold.  Come back in a week.
So, we have an appointment for next Thursday morning.  I dutifully gave him the meds before bed.  (Trust me, he did not want them.)  Well, Benedryl usually knocks me on my butt and lets me sleep like well... I would say a baby but the baby isn't sleeping well right now.  Yes, I gave him the dye-free stuff.  No, he didn't sleep a wink better then he has in the last week.  Neither did I.
Ugh.  This chronic sleep deprivation thing is worse than the occasional all-nighter.  Usually then your reserves aren't shot to begin with.  Here's hoping I get a nap tomorrow.

Anyhow, it's been a week at work as well.  I'm both excited and dreading some training the day after Memorial Day.  You see, one of the plants out near Knoebels wanted training.  "Great!" I thought.  I'll get them to do it on a Monday or a Friday and the three of us can head out the day before (or stay a day longer) and have a little fun.  Well, my plan backfired on me a bit.  They want the training for two days and the 26th and 27th.  Unfortunately, GrammaSue can't take the entire time off and neither can Gak.  So, instead of a fun family trip, I get to take my first trip away from my boy.  That's the dread part.  I know he'll be fine.  I hope Gak will be fine.  I hope we've got the cough under control by then and Boo isn't waking up in the middle of the night.  There are some times that only a bit of a nurse will get him calmed back down and asleep.  But... that's what bottles are for, just need to make sure to have one ready before everyone goes to bed.  The good thing is that it's very close and since I won't be flying there is no issue about transporting milk.  The more important good thing is that I start a week of vacation when I get back from the plant.  I'm so looking forward to that.  Nana, Gak's mom, will be arriving on the 28th as well.
Oh, that brings me to another point.  Boo's first birthday party.  We've got the plans almost in place.  We know the location, some of the logistics.  Look for an invitation soon and if you don't get one but want one, let me know!  (The good news is that Andy and MonkeyBaby are going to be on the East Coast and are coming!!  I can't wait, I don't think I've seen Andy since my wedding and MonkeyBaby will be 2 at the end of the month and this is the first I'll get to see her!)

In the short term though, this weekend is Mother's Day and we're going to the aquarium over in Camden.  Next weekend Aunt Michelle will be coming up for a visit and it's "Art's Alive" in town.  That'll be fun.

Well, I'd better actually get back to work.  This is a 7-4 day (if I can actually escape at 4, that hasn't happened yet...).

Peace to all and may your sinuses be clear, your nights full of sleep and your weekends fun.

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