Saturday, May 30, 2009

Vacation? What Vacation?

Sorry for the silence, but it's been a busy few days around here.
I can't believe that a year ago today my due date came and went and Boo wasn't here yet.  It's amazing that it has been a year already.  So many things have changed and still many things are the same.  It's been amazing to watch this little boy turn into a "real" boy from a teeny-tiny newborn.  (Actually, he is only tiny by comparison... he was actually about average size for a newborn...)
Anyhow, tomorrow we're having his birthday party.  It's over in Memorial Park here in town.  We've got a pavilion rented and tons of people are coming.  If you're thinking about it, you really should stop by.  We'll be there most of the afternoon.  I'm looking forward to it, if only because it gives me an excuse to both show off my boy and have a picnic.  It should be lots of fun.  And yes, I'm sure I'll have lots of pictures.  I know, I know, I haven't posted any in way too long.  They're on the camera and will be downloaded soon I promise!

Technically I've been on vacation starting Thursday.  I don't have to go back to work until Thursday the 4th.  It'll be very nice to have been out of the office almost 2 full weeks!  It just won't be a very restful vacation I'm afraid.
Not only is Boo's birthday party tomorrow and his actual birthday on Monday (eep!), but his Nana is in town visiting.  She got here Thursday afternoon after some minor adventures and we've been busy ever since.
Friday while Gak was at work, Nana, Boo and I did a BJ's run to pick up some needed everyday things and some of the party things.  As usual, I didn't escape there for under $200.  Oh well.  I only bought one or two things that weren't on the list.
Today, I took Gak to work and did laundry while Nana watched the boy.  Then, Uncle Alan came over with his daughter and gave Boo his birthday present.  Unfortunately, they won't be able to make it tomorrow because Uncle Al has to work.  This is what stinks about him working 2nd shift and Tuesday through Sunday... and mandatory 10-hour days right now.  Oh well.
After Gak got off work we took a family trip over to the Q-mart.  This was to pick up the veggies for tomorrow as well as the burgers and dogs and a few other odds and ends.
The rest of the evening Boo spent half happy boy, half cranky boy.  Last week some time his 5th tooth came in.  I'm thinking that number 6 isn't too far behind with the way he's acting.  Only time will tell.  The boy actually went down for the night (almost) by 7:45.  He woke up for a few minutes around 8, but only long enough to fuss his annoyance at being awake, roll over, grab Trey and go back to sleep.  I know those wakeups.  I get them all the time.
Well, it's now almost 10:00 and I've got a very full day ahead of me.  Here's hoping it all goes well.  I'm off to bed to crash.
Peace to all and may time not fly too fast and the celebrations be good ones!

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Anonymous said...

A very happy first Birthday to Boo xo

Uboo/aka Barb from Crochetville