Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was my first "real" Mother's Day.  This time last year I was somewhat patiently waiting for Boo's arrival.  I didn't look back in the archives, but I think last year Mom came up here and we spent a good bit of the day getting the room ready and the like.  It sounds about right at any rate.
Today was a mostly good day.  Mind you, by Saturday morning I felt like I'd been run over by a bus and probably have whatever Boo is trying to fight off.  It's not fun.  I am feeling much better today though.
First off, a belated thank you to my brother and Becca!  You see that little graphic over there on the right of the three of us?  Well, Jon got that turned into a mouse pad for me for Mother's Day.  It's really great.  I've got it at work.
Yesterday I muddled my way through most of the day while Gak was at work.  We managed to get the laundry done without Boo having a meltdown.  He even let me fold his clothes for a change!  He fought long and hard against a nap, finally going down about 12:30 or 1-ish.  He woke up just in time for us to go pick up his Dadda from work.  After work, Gak and Boo went shopping.  I told them that I had two requests: that they be gone at least an hour so I could get a nap and to bring back something I didn't have to put in the oven for dinner.  They did excellently on both these counts.  They also picked up a few very nice things for Mother's Day.  Friday, Gak had gotten me a half-dozen of the chocolate "cupcakes" from Cold Stone Creamery.  This would have been plenty.  But, the boys also got me a nifty little hairband that's got a pewter Celtic knot on it and a brand new wolf T-shirt.  There was a time when I had enough wolf T-shirts I could wear one a day for almost two weeks without repeating.  I think this may be one of two that I own now.  It's really cool.  (The dinner they brought back was wings from Pep's Poultry at the Q-mart.  There were a half pound each of teryaki and honey BBQ.  Both good, but a smokey BBQ would have been nice with the teryaki.)
Today was good.  I didn't really manage to sleep in, but that's OK.  Boo woke up with smiles.  We only gave him the Benedryl 2 nights.  Neither night did it seem to make a difference, so we gave up fighting with Boo about it.)  We all left the house at a little before 9 for an Adventure!  We went down to GrammaSue and PopPop's and all trekked down to Camden to go to the Aquarium.  This was the first time in almost 10 years that I'd been there and there have been about 3 name and management changes since then.
The aquarium was nice.  It's not as breathtaking as Monterey or as well setup and nice as Baltimore, but it was a good aquarium.  It was packed though.  You see, they were having a half-price special today for Mother's Day.  (Which was good because I didn't want to feel like I'd "wasted" my money if Boo got fussy way too quickly.)  Apparently everyone thought it was a great idea.  I don't blame them.  I just wish some of them had stayed home or done outside things.  (It was beautiful today!)  There were some parents I just wanted to whomp upside the head and some adults were just plain rude... *sigh*  you'll have this.  boo was very good and seemed to enjoy himself.  Especially once we realized he must be starving because it was almost noon and he'd had breakfast at about 7:15!  Gak and I think that we may just head back in the fall after school is back in session in the middle of the week.  It'll hopefully be less crowded and we'll actually get to see more and take some more time and not feel so rushed.  Yes, there are pictures, just not very many good ones.
We had another mini-adventure just getting back to GrammaSue and PopPop's.  You see, 676 was even more backed up than usual so I decide to take an alternate route.  Well, my GPS didn't like that too much and keeps trying to get me back onto 676 or the Schuylkill (Sure-Kill).  Both are a mess and I want to avoid them.  Then, when I finally get close to home and I decide to "cut the corner" there's a detour.  Instead of doing the smart thing and turning around and just going back to 30, I follow the detour and add another 15 minutes on to the trip.  Luckily Boo was just waking up when we were about 5 minutes from the house.
He happily played for quite a bit while the beef stew mom had put in the crockpot bubbled away.  He got supper fussy right before dinner, so we put him up on GrammaSue and PopPop's bed.  Mind you, we'd done this several times before with no incident.  Well, apparently Boo didn't want to go to sleep and ended up rolling out of the bed with a loud crash.  Yep, my boy has officially fallen out of bed now.  He has the bump to prove it.  Luckily he didn't fall anywhere near the bedside tables (he had been in the middle both width- and height-wise).  He eventually stopped screaming bloody murder and was happy boy again.  We took this as a cue to leave.
So, we came home and the boy slept in the car until we got to the grocery store.  We made a quick trip of that (actually, Boo and Gak ran back out to the car with a major diaper and I quickly ran through the store...)  Boo got fussy and cranky and wanted bed by about 7:40, but isn't actually asleep yet and it's now almost 8:30.  Oh well.  He's not screaming at the moment.
And to make the day even more interesting, it looks like all of Station 18 is parked outside my apartment.  I have no idea what's going on.  No one appears to be doing anything and all I can smell is the diesel fumes from the trucks.  *Shrug* who knows, just more adventures for an already packed day.
Anyhow, new pictures up on Flickr.
I don't want to go to work tomorrow... but I've got to.

Peace to all and may your adventures be fun and you not roll out of bed.

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