Thursday, December 04, 2008


Yesterday we had family pictures done.  We went to the same place as we did for Boo's 7-week photos.  It was a good session.  Of course, even though I knew how many pictures I needed, I still ended up getting more.  Oh well.  The poses were just too hard to choose from.  I'm sure I could have narrowed it down a little bit more, but that's OK.  He'll only be 6-months old once and I got mostly wallet sized pictures to include in my new year's letters.  (If you don't think you're on my snail mail list and want to be, email me with your address and I just might add you...)  We got several good family pictures as well as a ton of boy pictures.  Boo is just too cute and takes way too good of a picture.

The real exciting new is... I found Josi!!!  Or, more specifically, I found Jori her little sister.  I have a facebook account....
Wait, let me back up, I should tell you who Josi is first, and why this is so monumental.
Josi was my best, best, bestest friend ever from Kindergarten through the middle of fourth grade when we moved away from Kansas and moved to Pennsylvania.  Her mom was my Girl Scout leader and one of my favorite people.  Josi and I were inseparable.  I spent a ton of time over at her house.  I miss her tri-colored collie Kelly.  He was so big and lovable.  I think he's the one who started my love affair with collie dogs.  Anyhow, she has a younger brother named Josh who is the same age as my brother Jon and a younger sister Jori.  At the end of 4th grade, Josi and her family moved out to Colorado.  They moved around Colorado a couple of times, and we eventually lost touch some time around the 7th grade.  I miss her a lot.  I have no idea how much we have in common any more, but like I said before, we were inseparable in elementary school.
So, how did I find her?  Like I said, I have a facebook account.  I've started playing with it a bit more now that I know Flauta has a page there as well as a few others I know.  I'd recently been in contact with a guy I went to high school with, but didn't know very well.  (If you didn't know me then, I was definitely the loner, outcast weird type... wait... I still am to some degree....)  It's been nice getting to know this guy and he's come to wish he'd gotten to know me in school.  (Somehow, I doubt that would have ever happened...but hey...)  So, out of curiosity, I tried to find one of my high school buddies that I'd lost touch with as well.  Yep, he's got a Facebook profile too.  (Although he doesn't keep it very up to date....)  Well, for grins and giggles the other day, I decided to type Josi (lastname) into the search.  It didn't come up with her, but one of the people it found was Jori (lastname).  Well, the picture looked like she should be about the right age to be my friend's little sister.  And Jori isn't exactly the most popular name like John or Bill or Jennifer or something like that.  So, taking a chance I sent her a note through Facebook.  It turns out I was right, she is my friend's sister.  I didn't find my friend because she's married now and her last name begins with a K instead of an S.  So, I promptly sent her off a note just now.
Here's hoping she remembers who I am.
I'm so excited.  I'm almost as excited as when Abi found me last year.
Isn't technology grand?
Anyhow, I'm off to go read for a little bit and try and settle down before I have to go to bed.  One more day of work this week and then the weekend.  I'll probably be escaping work early tomorrow.  It's the company holiday party and since it's a "dinner cruise" down in Philly, and Gak has a hard time getting off work this time of year and the logistics of trying to get someone to take care of Boo and be able to pick him up from daycare and all that jazz was just too much.  I kinda wish we were going, but in the long run I think I'm glad we're not going.  Anyhow, everyone who's going is leaving at 3 (I think), so I'll probably leave around 3:30 or so instead of 5.  Shhhh... don't tell.  (Although, I really should stay, it's been an unproductive week due to technology issues....)

Anyhow, peace to all and may you find happy surprises.

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