Wednesday, December 10, 2008


I'm still here.  We haven't gone anywhere, I've just been up to my eyeballs in work and too lazy to blog again.  Just a quick note, Boo is trying to wake up.
I've received some really interesting and cool email from Josi.  She sent some pictures of us from when we were kids in elementary school.  Too cute!  I'll have to post one later.
Monday GrammaSue and I put up the tree.  Boo wasn't too sure what to make of the deal and was a bit cranky, but Monday was a "sleep" day.  Can we say growth spurt?  (We'll find out Monday, as that's his next appointment... and I've got one too... ugh!)  GrammaSue also sent some really cute pictures she too.  We were all standing around in Boo's room while I changed him.  I got distracted and with his diaper half on, noticed that he was chewing on his foot.  He had his left foot in his hand and his right in his mouth.  That's the first I'd seen him do that!
Anyhow, work is a bear.  I've been trying to decide which customers to make grumpy by paying attention to which half of my job.  I've got to have a sit-down with my boss about this.  I feel bad about not getting the training stuff done, but I've got over 30 work orders that are waiting for my attention, some of which are getting quite old.  I just can't seem to find the balance.  Aargh!
Well, that wraps up the Cliff Notes version of what's been going on.  Hopefully later today or tomorrow I'll be able to post pictures and write a little more.  But now, Boo is awake and is probably hungry.
Peace to all and may you brain not be scattered to the four winds.

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