Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Merry Merry!  Today is a good day.  This morning everyone woke up nice and early, including Boo.  We exchanged a few family gifts and saved the rest to pack up to go Over the River and Through the Snow to Gramma(Sue)'s House!  (The only thing that could possibly make this a better day would be for Gram to be here in person, but I know she's smiling down enjoying the gatherings._
I got Gak's present almost right, the size was just a little small.  (The new Army Navy store here in town has Navy Pea Coats and he's been lamenting the fact he doesn't have one any more since he moved up to the Frigid North.)
Gak and Boo got me lots of neat things.  I got a new book, a new movie, some shirts and two really cool tech toys.  Gak got a fab deal (he won't tell me how good) on eBay for a refurbished Magellan.  So now, we won't get lost going on adventures with Boo!  He also got me a beautiful lilac iPod Shuffle.  My Nano has all but permanently moved into Boo's room, except for trips.  Now I can put books or music on the Shuffle and have something to listen to wherever.  It's so little and cute!
Boo had lots of fun trying to eat everything.  He would pull on things (to his mouth) if we gave them to him.  He got some really cute clothes from his Aunt Michelle and a fabulous bead-popper toy from his Nana!  He's even tried to push the button to make it go himself!
Anyway, we've got a little to do around here and then we're heading to Christmas and Hanukkah down at my parent's.  I'll write more about the wonderful time we had last night later.  I just wanted to share this really cute picture from this morning.

Peace to all and may your holidays be joyous and bright.

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