Thursday, December 18, 2008

Uh... where whas I?

It's been a busy week around here.  Unfortunately, I have no idea why it's been busy or what we've done.
It feels like it should be Friday already, but it's not.  Gak's been working extra hours this week, which is nice and will make up for the fact that he's got some extra days off and some reduced hours the next two weeks.  Unfortunately, it won't really make up for having Boo in day care all this week.  Me having off most of the next two weeks will though.  He'll only be in 2 half-days the next two weeks.  We won't know what to do with ourselves.
I must say, I'm really, really looking forward to Jon and Becca being here.  It's been a year since I've seen them and they haven't had a chance to meet Boo yet.  He's gonna knock their socks off!  They'll be up here for dinner Christmas Eve and then we'll all be down at Mom and Dad's for Christmas Day and Hannakuah night.  (It's very cool that they overlap this year.)  Mostly we're doing it this way because that'll be the only night we're all home together and also because my dear husband wants latkes.  He says they taste almost like the way his dad did hashbrowns.  I don't care, they're yummy.  It'll just be good to have everyone together.
Work's been long and ardous the last few days.  I keep feeling like I'm chasing my own tail.  I think I get one thing fixed, and nope, it's still broke or something else isn't right.  Of course, it helps if the guy you're talking to actually listens to what you're trying to tell him to do and does what you say.  Oh well.
I did a quick check of assigned call numbers yesterday.  As of 5:00 yesterday, the only person who had more assigned to them than me was Bill.  And I'm the training manager and training is supposed to be my main focus.  To be blunt... WTH??  I don't understand.  Oh, wait, I do understand.  It seems that these days there aren't too many of us who have a clue of how to actually do anything.  I mean, Dom's good with the hardware/computer support end, but hasn't really bothered to learn a whole lot about the rest.  (Of course, I'm really good at the reg stuff, but not so good at the code any more... but I can still do it... just don't make me do hardware/network stuff, I've never been good at that...)  Right now; George, Bill and myself seem to be the most knowledgable people.  And George hasn't been here a year yet, but he's been busting tail to understand the reg stuff as well as show off his hardware/general IT mad skills.  If they don't hire him in at the end of the contract, I'm going to kick someone.  We can't loose this guy.
OK.  I've got to wrap this up.  I didn't want to turn this into a work rant.  I just wanted to say that we're still here.  Life's been good but busy and hopefully I'll have tons of pictures and things to post over the next few weeks.  Sorry I haven't updated the Flickr since Thanksgiving... I don't have too many pics to put up there in the first place and I've been too lazy too in the second.
I'm off to find the shower...
Peace to all and may your lives be full.

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