Monday, December 15, 2008

Check-up Check-in

Just a quick little post before I head off to bed.  Today was a morning of doctors' appointments.
First I had my yearly exam.  I am so done with being poked and prodded.  Oh well, at least this year it'll be an entire 12 months before I go back.  This spring it almost felt like I was living there.  That went as well as those kinds of appointments ever go.  And yes, if any of you haven't had a yearly exam, woman or man, do it!  If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will.
Ok, off my soap box that I didn't mean to stand on.  I must be tired....
The second appointment of the morning was Boo's 6.5 month check-up.  My boy now weighs in at 7 lb, 4 oz.  That's a gain of just shy of 1 lb.  To put it in perspective, it took him the 2 months prior to that to gain about 1.5 lb (I think....)  He's also 26.75" tall.  I honestly think he's an even 27, but he just wasn't stretching out to his fullest.  Tonight I had to move his bouncer up a notch because he was flat footed in it.  He's supposed to be on the balls of his feet.  Oops.  His height/weight ratio is hovering right around the 50% mark, which is excellent.  That means he isn't too tall for his weight or too heavy for his height.  He's also hovering just above the 50% mark for both height and weight for age.  Yep, my boy is growing well.  We're supposed to start trying to feed him thee "meals" a day and then nurse/give him a bottle after.  We'll see how this transition goes.  We're also allowed to feed him whatever foods (i.e. veggies, fruits, cereals, meats) that we want.  I'll probably try him on oatmeal instead of rice this weekend.  I still plan on introducing food one at a time.  We've added butternut squash to the good list.  Peas were a disaster (but then again, neither Gak nor I like them ourselves... or many green things for that matter...).  The jury is out on carrots at the moment.  I'm thinking they'll be in the "acceptable but not a favorite" category.  That's OK.  Just so long as he's got some variety, life will be good.  Dr. C was very pleased with his physical development.  So, overall it was a good checkup.
Of course, I forgot the form for day care, so now it'll cost me $5 to get it filled in.  Oh well.  That's the price I pay for ignoring the big piece of paper stuck to the fridge.
Oh! Yeah!  I almost forgot.  I think I mentioned Boo's cough yesterday.  Well, Dr. C said Boo's chest sounds clear and that it's a "good cough" and not to worry.  I'll still worry, but that comes from being someone who gets too many chest colds herself, not just paranoid Momma.

On another note, I have only one holiday present to buy.  I have to figure out what to get my father.  He's hard to shop for.  I know I could just get him an B&N gift card and he'd really appreciate it, but I always get him that.  Of course, he tends to buy us books and give us homework to go with it.  I never did finish last year's book.  Michael Chrichton definitely lost his edge.  I'm sure the book got better, but I was half way through and still had no idea what the plot was really about.  Oh well, I'm sure I'll pick it up again some time.

I'm beginning to ramble, so I'd better go to bed before I end up with the impression of the space bar in my forehead.
Peace to all and may your health be good and your hearts happy.

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