Friday, May 18, 2007

Just a Friday

Well, today has been a Friday. In the "I'm not sure what to work on because I don't have a lot of time" way. Not a bad day, but not all that great. I'm still exhausted. I'm not quite as bone-achingly tired as I was on Wednesday or Thursday, but I'm not full of energy either.
This is going to be a somewhat random sounding post. There are several things bumping around in my head right now, and I should probably pay attention to most of them.

One of the things bumping around is that search for the missing solders in Iraq. My good friend Steve is based out of Fort Drum. He's in a communications blackout, but did manage to get word to a friend's husband who is also over there. We know he's OK and not amongst the missing or dead. That's a big sigh of relief, but I still wonder and worry about the others. I don't know them. I don't need to know them, I know Steve. If any of them are at all like him (and I'm sure they are) then they all have family and loved ones who care deeply about them and are worried sick. I also know that they've got large personalities and are missed by their friends and comrades. They are a constant little worry in the back of my head. I'm just glad I'm not the one who has to actually make the decisions of if we send troops over or not. I couldn't do it.

I finally have my computer at work back and almost working 100% again. I still need to fix some stuff with the demo, but I'll do that Monday. I got my 'new' motherboard put into my laptop along with my hard drive. I also got wireless software installed. I'm hoping it is the right one, because it doesn't look like what I had before. I watched the guy and it looks like the one Dell recommends for the card that's in my machine. Here's hoping. Overall, it wasn't too bad of an experience today. I can finally dock the laptop again and use my monitor instead of the little screen on the laptop. I almost prefer the laptop screen though, I've got an old 19" CRT monitor that's hard to look at after using a flat-panel display for everything except my TV for the past year or so.

I'm still worried about my Gram. I plan on calling her this weekend. I miss her horribly and am anxious about what the doctors will say on Monday. Part of me wishes I could go down, but there's nothing for me to do but worry and get in the way. Mom is the right person to go and help Gram keep every thing straight and be another set of ears to help pick up all the details. (It is amazing how many details you miss when you're worrying about something...)

This weekend is promising to be a good one, even if it might threaten to rain all weekend. Our friend Michelle is coming up from Maryland. It will be great to see her. I haven't had much of a chance to talk with her since January (Gak's much better about remembering to write or call than I am...). We don't have a whole lot on the schedule, but I think that's what all of us need. Sunday is the Christening 0f Ed's little boy. (I can't believe he's just about 6-months old now!!) That should be a fun gathering. I know I won't get much of a chance to talk with Ed, since there are a lot of people that will be there, but it will be good to see him, Buffie and the kids. I haven't actually seen them since January either. Well, I did run into Ed in the Qmart about a month ago now (I think...) but we didn't get to talk long.

The last thing that's bumping around my head is an odd thing for me to deal with. My friend here at work who is best friends with my ex gave me some interesting news today. I'd figured out that my ex and Jenn were dating. I think she's even living there, but I'm not sure. (No one ever told me outright, but from things said and actions, I guessed...) Well, my buddy told me today that they got engaged last month. I'm actually very happy for them. They are a much better fit than he and I ever were. They both enjoy more of the same things, have similar outlooks and keep similar hours. The last two is where he and I just didn't fit well at all. I really like Jennifer, she's a good person and we were good friends while I was dating my ex and I'm glad she's found someone she can be happy with (I used to worry about that quite a bit really...). I'm glad that he's figured things out enough to be happy with someone. I don't know what I'm feeling really. Relief I guess might be the best word, but it's still not quite right. Relief that he's found someone he can (hopefully) be as happy with as I am happy with Gak. I love Gak with all my heart and we fit together like old jeans and a comfy T-shirt. (Actually, when I was describing his visit up here from Florida to my mom back before he moved up here was that it was like finding your favorite old jacket tucked in the back of the closet or a comfy pair of sneakers you forgot you had...) I think it's also relief that that chapter can finally close totally and completely; I have my happily ever after, and now he does too? I don't know if that makes sense, but like I said, it's just an odd bit of news. I'm in an odd kind of mood to begin with today, so this just keeps bumping around my head.

Wow! I spent a lot more time rambling on about that then I thought I would. I'm tired, in an off mood and it's a Friday. I'm really looking forward to the weekend. Next week I go to Colorado and that should be fun. This should be a very nice time of year to head up there. I'll have a few hours Wednesday morning to myself, as the training isn't set to start until after lunch. I'll be just north of Denver, so I'm sure there are plenty of things for me to go see and poke my camera at. Maybe this time I'll actually take some pictures. I have brought my camera with me the last few weeks, but have shot a total of about 5 frames, the most interesting I posted on Wednesday.
Peace to you all and may you have something fun to look forward to this weekend. (Also, take a nap for me if you can, I could use it!)

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