Monday, May 21, 2007

Full Weekend, Busy Week

This weekend was just what I needed. It was a very full weekend, but not hectic or stressful or anything like that.
Michelle got here just about 7:30 Friday evening and we had a nice dinner at home. Of course, right as we were about to sit down to dinner my friend Joan calls.
"Do you want to go bowling with me and Ant tonight?"
Do we?
OK, we'll meet you at 9 because we're about to sit down for dinner.
So, instead of having a lazy evening hanging out or maybe going to see Shrek, we go bowling with Joan and her 6-year-old son. We had a lot of fun. I think I bowled my best game ever. Of course, this could be due to the fact that we had the bumpers up. (Anthony has a great side arm pitch.....) The lane we were on was one of the worst in the place though. You could see this aisle of shiny something running all the way down the middle of the lane. It kept trying to eat our bowling balls and wouldn't reset. I think the guy was getting pretty sick of seeing us, although we were quite amused to watch him flirt shamelessly with Joan. It was a fun evening and it was good to see Joan. Mel (her daughter) wasn't there because she was with her dad's second wife for the weekend. (Yes, this is the same Joan who's ex-husband passed away last month....) I was staying out of that one. It was really great to see Ant. I wish Mel had been there too, but maybe some other weekend.
Saturday Gak had to work. Michelle and I did my 'normal' Saturday routine, except for the grocery shopping thing. We went to Curves and did laundry. It was the Arts Alive festival in town this weekend and that meant we couldn't park in front of the house. Annoying, but only for the day unlike the road work last summer. We got ourselves cleaned up and then wandered around one block's worth of vendors. There were a lot of neat things there. Michelle picked up a pair of earrings and I picked up some pins. One of the pins I gave to my mom. It's a cute little frog made out of copper that had been heat distressed to give it some really cool colors. She loved it. Michelle and I also went to JoAnn's to look for some fabric for her to make yet another baby blanket for someone, this time a coworker was expecting her first grandchild. She wasn't very helpful when it came to colors or ideas, so it was a tough hunt.
Saturday night we were supposed to go over to Kat's and have hamburgers and stuff, but it decided to rain. That's OK, we just moved everything over to our place. I really do enjoy having everyone over, even if it is only for hamburgers and sodas.
I think Sunday was the highlight of the weekend though. I said on Friday that it was my friend Ed's son's Christening. Mom came up and met us at the house before we went to the church. It was a nice little ceremony added to the normal service. Nik was very well behaved and very 'talkative' and extremely cute looking. We all then went to a place Ed and Buffie had rented for a small family gathering. The kids all had a great time together and we got to hang out and have fun. I am somewhat curious though, I don't think any of Buffie's family was there. It seems a little odd, but I'm sure that there's a valid reason, and probably none of my business anyhow.
So of course after the family thing was done we decided to get together for the evening. Mom decided that it was time for her to leave. She wanted to get down to Gram's before it got too dark. Michelle decided to head out as well since she had a drive in front of her and had to go into work today as well.
We all gathered at Kat's, pulled out the Killer Bunnies and had some fun and a few more things to eat. I really did eat way too much yesterday. But it was all very good. Scott and Stew joined us for the game. Katie and Zoe were thrilled to be able to spend all day together. They also both have Ed's dad wrapped around their little fingers and he was so very thrilled to be with them all day.
So yes, this was a very full weekend and a lot of fun.
This week is promising to be full and busy as well. Tomorrow I leave for Colorado. I then will do two days of training and come back Friday night. A long week, but it should be OK. I just hope that everything has been installed at the site, they seemed a little anxious about this. It will be a nice time to be in Colorado, it should hopefully be warm. I haven't checked the weather yet, we'll see.

I'm waiting to hear from my mom about how Gram's appointments went today. I want her to be healthy, but I really hope she can avoid major surgery. I miss her and need to call her and send her some pictures from Disney. I'll put together a care package this evening and have Gak ship it out tomorrow.
Well, I've got to finish getting everything together for the trip this week. Luckily I have a day in the office next week before I head back to Canada for a few days, so I can take care of that then. I can't wait until the week after that. I'll be in the office for a full week!
Peace to all and may your lives be full of fun, friends and family.

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