Thursday, May 24, 2007

Cool Colorado

Well, I meant to write last night. I just refused to turn on the computer and do work.
The trip out here on Tuesday was mostly uneventful. It turned into a 12-hour trek because of a 2.5 hour layover and a delay in boarding. Also, I think we had to go around some weather because my second flight seemed way longer than it should have been. The drive out of Denver was nice. It's been somewhat cool and grey, but I think today will be better.
Yesterday morning I had free to myself. I feel like I wasted it though. I went to the gym and worked out and spent several hours answering email etc. I could have gone somewhere, seen something, but I didn't.
The plant I'm at is still under construction but they seem to be up and running at least a little bit. The people seem pretty nice and friendly. I don't think I bored them too badly yesterday afternoon. Today will be a full day. It should be good. At least the site location is nice.

I did talk to Mom on Tuesday while I was in the airport. (Of course, she calls me right as my lunch arrives, but that's OK.) She had news for me from Gram's doctors appointments. It looks like there may be an alternative to traditional surgery. There's a doctor at the University of MD that has been doing this orthroscopicly. (I can't spell, that's one of many reasons I didn't go pre-med...) Her doctor has referred her to this doctor, but we won't know for a few days if he'll take her. We would have known Monday, but he was at a conference so unavailable. I really hope that this works out. Traditional surgery is major, not just from the recovery standpoint (which we were really worried about) but from the fact that it is a long surgery and Gram just doesn't do well with anesthesia. She gets really loopy and doesn't remember things for days later. I'll keep you posted with what I know.
Well, I've got to check the work email and get my butt in gear for the day. I've got an hour to get out of here.
Peace to all and may your week be going well.


Chelsea said...

When are you going to be in Kansas City? Maybe we can drive out and have lunch or something.

Addey said...

I'm supposed to be in KC the week of June 11th. I'll have a half day on Wednesday. I'll email you with my travel plans once I get them...