Sunday, May 06, 2007

Gak's new Tat

Gak's new Tat
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Well, yesterday I left out something that we did. Mostly because I didn't have a picture yet. Gak finally got a new tattoo. I only say finally because I had given him an IOU for one back in August for our first anniversery. It took him quite some time to decide what he wanted and then he/we kept procrastinating about it. Gak's boss also gave him a gift certificate towards the work for Christmas, which was really cool!
Yesterday morning I looked over at him and asked when he was going to get his bear claw done and his response was: "funny, I was just thinking about that...". So, needless to say, we went over to Challice yesterday after he got off work. He had a great and tallented girl work on him named Rachel. The whole staff there is really friendly and nice. Oliver who owns the place is very cool and friendly. Gak met him when he came over to the UPS store over a year ago to ship his kit to a convention.
Scott, Kat and Zoe showed up at one point, but Scott had to leave because his foot and back were hurting. (I don't know if I mentioned this, but he triped down a ravine at work a few weeks back and broke his leg....).
Zoe was sure that Gak would scream and that it would hurt. He humored her and as Rachel was prepping his arm went "ow". Both girls got a giggle out of that one. Sorry, Chelsea, but it looks like you've got the low pain tollerance, because other than Gak's fingers going numb becuase of how he had to hold his arm, not even a twitch. (Check out Chelsea's blog to see her comments on getting her first tat....)
We're both very pleased with this one and it looks great. It's much neater and nicer than his other one. As you can see, it fills up his upper arm nicely, and is almost the size of my hand. The reason for the bear claw is well, one of his nicknames for the longest time has been Bear and the celtic knotwork is because of his Irish heritage. (Part of the stipulation of the IOU was that there had to be a reason for it other than it looks cool. He's stuck with this for life so I wanted it to mean a little more...)
Well, I'm off to get a few things done. I've got an early flight out to Phoenix in the morning so I'd better get packed this evening. Peace to all and may you find meaning in your life.

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