Thursday, December 14, 2006

Travel Trials

Today went really well. We ended up doing all of the EDR stuff today, so we don't have to get together tomorrow. Unfortunately, it's costing me a bundle to change my flight, but I don't really care. I haven't changed that many flights this year and I've already put in a full week. My boss can yell at me later. (He probably won't, but I'd understand if he did....)
I really liked my group this week. They were all good people. I really enjoyed my guy from Alabama and my guy from Ireland.
Today for lunch we went to Alice Cooper's restaurant, which is near the stadiums. It was quite good. I ended up back there for dinner with my Irish friend. I had run out (and around in circles) trying to find a charger for my phone. It decided to start running out of charge while I was on the phone trying to change my flight. As I'm walking back into the hotel, my Irish friend was walking out. He invited me to join him for dinner. I said sure if I could go plug in my phone. It was quite nice. I really do enjoy talking with people from outside this country. It is nice to get a new perspective on things. We talked about all kinds of things. Including our spouses. Yes Gak, I talk about you. Probably I bore most people to tears with how much I talk about you. Mostly we talked about a little bit of everything. Like I said, it was quite enjoyable to have dinner with someone for a change.
Now I'm getting ready to crash so I can wake up in the morning and pack. I'll be home by 10pm tomorrow. That's almost 24 hours early! I can't wait! (I do have work I should probably at least look at over the weekend, since I've got to do training for the service group Tuesday and Wednesday. That's a whole different story and not one I'm looking forward to...)
Well, peace to all and good dreams.


Chelsea said...

If you're ever spending the night in St. Louis or Kansas City, we'll come up to have dinner with you if you want! If you're ever in Columbia, you won't have a choice in the matter. ;)

Addey said...

You're on! I'm supposed to be in KC for a week in June (I'll let ya know when). I have a few sites out that way and if I'm anywhere near, you'll be the second to know (Gak'll be first of course :P)