Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Christmas Chaos?

Well, Christmas is still looking a little chaotic. I don't think I mean in a fun, happy holidays kind of way, more of a what in the world is going on kind of way.
Mom still has her cast.
Gram's still sore from the procedure last week.
Neither of them really want to deal with anything, and I respect that.
This means I'm suddenly clueless as to what we're doing.
Tonight is my niece's first holiday concert for school. Well, I guess we can actually call it a Christmas concert since she goes to Catholic school. Christmas Eve she's in the pageant for the early mass. Maybe we'll do that. I know we're going to her concert this evening. We may not make it until close to the end, but that's only because it starts at 6:30 and Gak doesn't close until 6:30. Oh well, it will be fun at any rate. I'm just so very glad I can be this involved in her life.

On the work front, I was able to postpone the service department training until the first week of the year. The manager ran into a brick wall when he tried to tell people to come today. He hadn't scheduled it so people already had their mornings full of work. That and the business manager scheduled an end-of-year meeting for tomorrow morning. I still have to do it, but I don't have to deal with it until after the holidays. The hard part is done, I got all the materials together yesterday.

Well, I should be taking this time to do my other end-of-year stuff. I've still got that stupid review thing to do as well as start planning the revisions to the training materials.
Peace to all and my your lives be filled with the fun chaos of the season and family!

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