Monday, December 11, 2006

Phinally Phoenix

Ok. I couldn't resist that headline.
So far this trip is going a lot better than I had feared.
Other than the construction. I'm glad I don't live here, the construction is planned to last two years. What construction you ask? They are putting in a new above ground light rail system. And Central Ave. is just that, the central avenue and so therefore is the most torn up. This created a fun adventure just getting to the hotel. It sits back off the road behind a couple of office buildings and no prominant sign on the road. Oh well. I got to see a lot of downtown Phoenix in the dark.
The setup this morning went extreamly well. I was done in about 45 minutes. I like when that happens. I ended up running a little late to the class myself though. I was waiting for my student from Ireland and finally gave up. It turns out he was already over there. *sigh* Oh well, now I know not to wait for him tomorrow.
The class went well today. It should be a good day tomorrow. I do have one guy in the class who was forced to switch to our software from a company he liked a lot. He's a little cranky and bitter, but I can deal.
Tonight we're going for dinner. It should be interesting. I'll let ya know.
Phoenix really is a nice looking place. Hopefully Wednesday and/or Friday I'll be able to get out and about a bit and see some of the neat places.
Well, I've got to go meet my group for dinner. Peace to all and enjoy where you are!

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