Thursday, December 28, 2006

Christmas Part II

Yesterday was a good day. Gak and I went up to Norman to putz around a bit and go to a few favorite haunts. Unfortunately, the Greek House was closed, so no gyros for lunch. The gaming store and the anime/manga store were both open and we were very good. We did pick up a new card game though, Killer Bunnies! It's a lot of fun. A little complex, but easy enough once you learn. I think we'll have to get the expansion sets as well.
Last night was supposed to be Christmas here at Gak's parents. My brother-in-law and his new girlfriend were supposed to be here for dinner. Well, we're guessing all did not go well on his trip to Washington State with her to her folks. He had stopped by while we were out and said he probably wasn't going to be over for supper. This made Gak's mom pretty upset. Brian was being tired and cranky and not very nice. Well, he stopped by for about a half hour before supper and then said to forget Christmas. Well phooey on him. We had a huge dinner that was very good and did presents afterwards. Our trip out here was our gift to the family. They got us each a handful of little things and were very nice.
Overall it was a good day. I just wish Brian wasn't such a grouch. Oh well.
Well, today we're getting together with another friend Charlotte, so that should be fun. I've got to go and grab a shower before we head out.
Peace to all.


Chelsea said...

We got a couple of sets of Munchkin over Thanksgiving. Much fun.

Addey said...

Cool. We spent a good chunk of time playing Killer Bunnies with friends yesterday. It's definately a keeper!